An old fashioned Survivor blindside shakes things up


Previously on Survivor, Cole told tales, Ryan built up alliances, Devon got an anti-advantage, fake-Tony Joe played his idol and sent Alan home.

So why did Roark lose? It feels like it’s hard to say for sure, but one thing that’s clear is that Roark misread her interactions with other people. Chrissy clearly didn’t believe Roark’s proclamations about buying into the all-girl alliance, so she cleverly found the correct target of JP to re-target his decision.

Ryan likely didn’t believe the alliance story, but was playing against himself — does he vote out Chrissy who feels so close to him and has JP on her side or stick with the Roark and Ali alliance? Considering how easy JP was to sway, and how close Ali was to Ryan, it’s an impossible choice. Both Chrissy and Ali are hard strategy players, so he’d be in trouble regardless.

Partially it’s simply that Roark didn’t convince Ryan effectively enough to keep her, and Ali didn’t keep Ryan at ease. But Chrissy managed to get one over with her induced paranoia. Her game seems inconsistent, but still strong. She was close to losing this round.

The games of the players were mixed, but it was interesting to see how things played out. I found the ball challenge odd yet a lot of fun to watch. It’s a weird challenge and intense, but it did serve to crystallize the lines between the contestants. Ryan did poorly, but it’s hard to say if this really hurt him.

I mean at the time.


On the other tribes, we saw a bit of interesting stuff. Ben’s speech about his PTSD was powerful and, I think, great to hear. At first I thought perhaps his Yawa team was being insensitive, but they figured it out. Ben has become pretty interesting, and Lauren seems to be portrayed positively too. Cole though … he’s the current guy to hate. He hurt Jessica last time and this time he’s a gross eater.

I see what you’re doing there show! And I like it.


Otherwise Mike seems to be doing alright, finding the idol with Jessica but he’s the one who specifically found it. Hope his kids are proud! That’s mostly it for the other two tribes, meaning the fact we never learned anything about Roark was indicative that she was going nowhere. Sorry Roark. The challenges were fun, if not crazy, and the episode had an interesting scramble at the very end.

I liked this one better than last episode, and I’m hoping we see more strategy, drama, and action in the coming weeks too.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Ryan make the right move for his game? Tell us what you think!

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