Survivor shakes it up with a merge and a brand new twist


Previously on Survivor, Chrissy and Ben connected, Jessica and Cole were hot and cold, Patrick and Lauren went after each other, but the redhead got voted out.

This season of Survivor has had quite the slow start. A few interesting players, a few interesting moves, but not the most exciting game play so far. There was a flurry of craziness in that first episode, but the last few haven’t been quite as interesting. But I’m not out yet.

I do like the idea of the “anti-advantage.” It’s funny and cruel, and unlucky. I also enjoyed that the anonymous evil gift was the opposite of that anonymous good gift of Ryan to Chrissy from the first episode. The idea of a vote block is powerful, but this is a good time to do it … the only issue is that it had no real impact.


So … why did Alan lose? It’s simple enough, he didn’t have the numbers on his side and he had annoyed Ashley in the past, making him an easy target for her and crew. Joe had another nutty move this episode, blowing up his game entirely and requiring the use of his idol to stay alive. I don’t blame him for playing the idol on himself, it was necessary, but he doesn’t seem to have a good sense of what to say and what not to say.

The tribe swap was fine, but only led to a few interesting combinations. Ryan and Chrissy had a nice little meet up where Ryan connected hard to her over his manipulative gift, which it seems she interpreted as pure love. Kinda naive. Not sure if she’s playing us or him.

Jessica and Cole had some interesting drama, leading to her staying cold in front of him but tearing up for us. That’s a fascinating difference, meaning she’s capable of ice cold game play but still affected by emotion. Cole did betray Jessica and seemingly for no good reason I could think of.


The challenges were reasonably tense, but the new “Yawa” tribe was the clear strong player making it less interesting to watch. I feel like there are a lot of players I don’t yet care about, which is unusual for me. Devon had his fun “oops” moment this episode, and Joe went nuts, and there were the two relationship changes I mentioned. Otherwise, it was a pretty by-the-numbers sort of episode. Good enough, but not great.

Next time, “you have to get dirty, get ruthless, and have a willingness to risk it all.” Sure.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Devon or Alan get screwed over the worst? Tell us what you think!

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