Survivor hurries through a double elimination, one interesting & one rushed


Previously on Survivor, Sarah shared her secret with Cirie, Sierra shared hers with Sarah, but it backfired on Sierra and Sarah helped to get Sierra voted out.

The episode continued from the last one with a few little hints about the possibility of future changes. Andrea didn’t trust Sarah, Cirie thought Sarah was the ideal person to take to the end, and Sarah couldn’t stand Andrea.


Then it was immediately the Immunity Challenge, which seems to imply nothing important happened in the meantime. Aubry pulled off an impressive victory, and she had a decent episode, but as she later said, her Survivor experience is really a roller coaster ride. Her work on Tai was good, but her connection was noticed by Cirie.

So why did Andrea lose?


Well, she has said herself she thought she was too complacent at that point, and she certainly was still a huge threat. I think that all makes sense, because basically the entire group except for Aubry turned on Andrea to blindside her. Sarah wanted her gone, and Cirie was far more invested in keeping Sarah in the game because, I would guess, she thinks she’s the easiest person to beat.

But to be honest, I think that’s wrong. And I’m also sorry to see Andrea leave. I didn’t think she had a chance to win but I was rooting for her.


The next part had Michaela “blackmailing” Brad in a creepy way about fishing, and then it came down to Cirie’s crazy plan to lie to Tai with an emotional appeal about him being a target. Which also was sort of true! She claimed to be willing to save him to prevent him from playing an idol, but I wonder whether or not she’s in the right headspace.

Her missing of the “non-transferable” fine print on Sarah’s advantage was an easy mistake, but surprising from someone who so carefully thinks things over like Cirie. The final gonzo back and forth was hard to follow, and I’m not entirely sure that Michaela made a specific mistake other than not being Sarah. Sarah clearly didn’t trust her at all.


Since the season finale is next week, I think I’d like to think about the remaining contestants.

Troy has no chance to win. Brad could pull it out, but his arc doesn’t seem to fit that. He was more about the strong early game to me. Aubry may be able to do well, but she’s too invisible to win, I think. Cirie has a strong chance of winning, but she’s turned on a lot of people, and she is unlikely to win any immunity.

Tai can make it to the finale, but I still don’t think he can win. Which means that Sarah is the most likely to win. She’s played a strong game, so that wouldn’t be the worst thing. Hardly my favorite player, but it could be a lot worse.

Overall, I’ve liked the season decently so far, but I found it mostly in the middle. We’ll see if next week changes my mind.

Next time, the final six and the biggest game changing move of the season, whatever that means. And Tai cries.

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