Trust blindsides one Survivor


Previously on Survivor, the minority alliance was worried until Andrea decided to vote out Zeke, the minority voted for Tai, and Zeke went home.

Sometimes I take the time to watch behind the scenes videos before writing a review so I have a bit more insight, but I’ll have to simply watch one while I write this because I don’t have time otherwise.

So why did Sierra lose? Well … to be honest, I think it was Sierra choosing to trust Sarah with her Legacy Advantage information. She was a target already as a strategic player and a decent challenge competitor and number one or two in the Brad/Sierra/Troy/Tai alliance. Sierra’s second mistake was to promise the Legacy Advantage to Sarah. Suddenly she couldn’t lose! It simply wasn’t smart.


Nearly immediately Sarah revealed the secret to Michaela after lying to Sierra’s face, and this likely was a very key factor in her voting for Sierra. The choice was a good one: Andrea the known challenge beast versus a secret immunity idol that likely can’t be played. Sierra had played a great social game in general, but although she was trusted, she wasn’t so good at knowing who else to trust.

Perhaps Sierra’s third mistake was to actually give her advantage to Sarah after all, but hey, she’s already out of the game. If she wants Sarah to have a better chance than Brad, well, it’s a smart choice. Unless of course, people assume Sarah gets the advantage or Sarah simply tells people about it or it’s public information. That could be bad.


That said, it was a good episode for Brad, who did well in both challenges, and seems to still have a good grasp of strategy. But sometimes being in the minority means there’s little you can do until the right opportunity arrives. Tai is also managing to do extremely well in that he still has two idols. He could’ve saved Sierra (if he wanted to), and still kept an idol. Troy wasn’t giving the idol to anyone, but still, I’m impressed that Tai hasn’t given his away.

He may make it to the end again, and probably, lose again.


As per usual, the loved ones visit hits hard, especially the one with Cirie and Jared, although the reveal about Andrea’s sister was also highly emotional. As for Andrea, she escaped a near vote out, and she knew she was a target. She’s still a huge target, so we’ll see. She’s a fave for me, but I know better than to hope for my faves to win. I mean, Yul won and Earl won and Natalie Anderson won, those were all big deals to me. And of course, Kim remains the magical queen. But there are also other people.

A solid episode of Survivor, with not so much complex strategic play, but just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. Not my favorite season by a long shot, but I’m enjoying it.

Next time, tensions are high, and Cirie makes a tough decision, whatever that means.

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