A classic Survivor blindside showcases one particular player


Previously on Survivor, Zeke and Andrea faced off, there was a seemingly powerful six person alliance, but Sarah turned on them and voted out Debbie.

This is one of those classic Survivor episodes where one person specifically targets a member of their alliance because of later betrayal worries, and relies on one or two potential swing votes. Sometimes those votes end badly, sometimes they work out. But it’s a tricky situation.


Why did Zeke lose? I think the only serious mistake he made was simply playing too hard, too early. By targeting Andrea, he made himself a target. If he had simply stayed in his alliance, he likely would’ve stayed in at least a little while longer. Andrea certainly would likely have still trusted him for one. But after Andrea was already thinking about it, everything became tricky.

Sure, Zeke connecting with Brad twinged her radar, but if Zeke was still on her side, it probably wouldn’t have been quite as noticeable. She was paying close attention to him the entire time. In general, this was the Andrea Show; her insight helped her team win the reward challenge, she won the immunity challenge after nearly falling out of it, and the person she wanted gone left.

Was it the right move? Really, it’s hard to say. Sarah doesn’t seem to me to be that reliable or consistent; she kept saying she trusted Zeke, and she probably did, yet she still voted him out. I think it was not a good move for Andrea because she doesn’t seem to really have any of the “other” alliance with her (Brad/Sierra/Tai/Troy). So the numbers aren’t so clear for her.


Both challenges this episode were fun to watch, although the domino one was so close, it became less interesting because we only saw two mistakes. So thinking about who came off well, Brad was doing well, except his time with Zeke was wasted. Sierra pushed hard, which I think is good in her favor. Tai and Troy had a bit of a chat, but otherwise were non-entities. Although it’s funny the way they talked idols while being the only ones that had them.

Sarah was all over the place, and I don’t think her telling Cirie about her vote steal was smart, and Michaela expressed her worries and eventually emotion on having to vote out Zeke. She was also a challenge beast, which probably won’t be an issue for her, because I doubt people will remember. Cirie was subtle and smart, expressing respect for Zeke and being careful with all of her conversations.

Aubry had some good little moments, but I’m not sure she’ll get to the end. Although right now, I’d like to see that.


Zeke was playing a strong game, and he’s always been a great interviewer and narrator. It’s too bad to see him go, but he plays smart while also very hard. That was also his downfall last time, but I’d certainly be willing to see him back. Overall, a fun episode and a good showcase for Andrea, that’s for sure.

Next time, a willingness to trust can form an unbreakable alliance, but people are playing for their loved ones.

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