Survivor keeps things fun despite a foregone conclusion



Previously on Survivor, the Gen-Xers put their differences aside to ally with the “nerd” Millennials, Adam gave away the secret of his advantage, and Michelle was voted home.

So Adam is a terrible player.

But first, why did Taylor lose? He lost because Jay turned on him at the last minute. He also lost because he’s a challenge threat, because he was at the bottom of the hierarchy, because he stole food, because he held grudges, and because he’s not a great player.

Taylor has been playing mostly badly, although blowing up Adam’s spot may be the best move he’s ever done. The way he and Jay kept emphasizing that Adam “helped” bury the food was great, because Adam doesn’t seem to be so great at the whole “talking” thing. He blew up his own spot about stealing and burying food first, robbing Adam of the first strike. All good stuff, but the vague “he’ll steal your family visit” and Adam’s bumbling explanations didn’t sway anyone.



They didn’t even sway Jay! No wonder he didn’t play his idol, he was voting against Taylor. Jay is still playing pretty well, all things considered. The fact that he survived being a target is a good mark in his favor. In general, the Tribal was fun because there was a lot of arguing, even if Probst couldn’t help but bring up Millennial clichés again.

Will had very little going on, except for the hilarious trolling by Probst of “soft drinks.” I laughed each time it happened. Ken (despite winning immunity) had, I believe, no lines at all. Bret just got drunk, with seemingly no repercussions. Chris discussed getting back some control, but did he? Sure they had another Millennial voted out, but the “cracks” seem everywhere.



Jessica had nothing except being a target, which led to a few rare Sunday confessionals. I liked the connection of her with Jay, because it makes sense, even if we haven’t seen it much before. I wonder if this is the beginning of a set of good episodes for her, or the fall. Hard to say. Zeke did one thing: Put bad mojo on Adam.

Hannah did that too, but she also had quite a few funny faces and asides. She also spoke about finding strong game play addictive, which is another “good portent/bad portent” thing. The episode played with a lot of those sorts of tricks, which I appreciate. Like having David be confident about the vote, which turned out to be right. I’m glad Survivor isn’t making it easy to predict who’s going home.

Adam seems to be getting an interesting edit, because he has that sort of “foot-in-mouth” problem. Overly honest sort of thing, which makes him seem arrogant and annoying. Doesn’t bode well for his endgame.

Overall, it was a fun episode, but it really seemed to be setting up for next week and further implosions.

Next time, Gen-Xers are imploding, and the secret of Jay’s idol is out (with a funnily edited sequence).

Survivor: Ponderosa 1

– Watch what happens when the first jury member from Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X heads to Ponderosa to reflect on their experience.




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