Survivor has some tears, some triumphs, and some truly odd decisions



Previously on Survivor the Millennials are muddled, and the ladies of Gen-X blindsided the dude alliance to vote out Paul.

So … did David make the right move? The answer is no, but perhaps not for the reason you might think.

The fallout from last time immediately hit the tribe at Gen-X, with Chris aping Zeke from the last episode with his fury at Jessica. Unlike Zeke, Chris wrote off Jessica completely for her betrayal; is this the right move? No, it isn’t. Jessica was clearly only worried about Paul. Jessica herself misunderstood what Paul said last week, although Paul also misspoke.

Interestingly, we immediately get a Lucy confessional for the first time in the game, which I thought: Hmm, that’s probably bad news for Lucy. She didn’t come off particularly well this episode. Bret was fine, noticing how easily Lucy threw Jessica under the bus, and Sunday and CeCe were non-entities. But the others … not great.

Lucy was bad, trying to intimidate others with her “don’t talk to other people talk,” which was a position she could not support. She’s not a strong and charismatic tribe leader, instead she came off like a jerk. Not “blunt”, like she claimed later. She also said Ken reacted like a “girl” which is troubling as well. While David might’ve been willing to go with the flow, Ken’s annoyance at Lucy influenced him to act foolishly.

Ken tried to convince Jessica to vote against Lucy, because she was writing her name down. He was being honest, but Jessica was suspicious; fine, it’s not always easy to read people, although Ken has been pretty bad at lying so far. He rarely does it. And yet she went to Lucy and threw Ken under the bus, which was also stupid. Did she think Lucy would just say “oh yeah I did say to vote you out”?



And poor paranoid David. He thought that voting Jessica out would put him back on the bottom again. Let’s think about that. If he went with the group, it’d be him, CeCe, and Ken on the bottom with Lucy, Sunday, Chris and Bret on top. If he got Lucy out, it’d be him, CeCe and Ken versus Sunday, Chris and Bret with Jessica as a swing vote. So … perhaps he’s sort of right. But he didn’t even use the idol except as a surprise. Was Lucy really the right target? Ken knew about the idol, weren’t there better targets?

I think using the idol wasn’t such a bad move, but he should’ve targeted (with Ken and CeCe) in a split vote way. They knew Jess would be voting for Lucy, so instead they should’ve done the vote split; that would’ve ensured one of two people on the “top” alliance would be going home. Chris is probably a bad choice because he’s good in challenges, except for one thing: the tribes are going to change.

The truth is that David shouldn’t have done anything, because the tribe switch up was about to make things moot. But that’s hard to predict.

Lucy lost because David made an error and so did she.

The challenges were fun to watch, including the way Chris the “Hulk” dominated the rest during the reward challenge. But 45 minutes to solve a puzzle? Yikes. Jeff’s pushing of the theme seemed pointless there.



The Millennials really didn’t do much this episode, other than having Adam find an idol. It seemed easier for him than David, but that shell was decorated much like David’s coconut. Perhaps David just got lucky and found the coconut before the clue. I did think it was funny how nice Hannah was when she caught him looking.

So Purple Lucy is talking and then voted out after being called a dictator. I still don’t know why she never had confessionals; maybe she just was boring. I guess that’s a possibility. It was an exciting ending, even if it was a bunch of stupid moves. Sometimes that still leads to fun episodes.

Next time, the idol is back up for grabs, and a tribe switch.

Survivor: The Day After

– Lucy reflects on her time in the game after she exits SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.



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