Survivor starts off a generational war in the middle of a tropical storm



The new season of Survivor is upon us, and I’ve spent already hours reading interviews and listening to podcasts and even writing my own article about it. I feel like I already know these people but I don’t quite yet. The first episode did a great job introducing us to several characters, which I’ll get to. But first, wow, that cyclone!

It was a beautifully shot series of scenes of destruction and storms. I was wondering about the safety of the camera operators, but I assume they’re all fine. It was a gorgeous looking storm, but it was also a Survivor first; first ever mass evacuation. Luckily they were back the next day and with a free tarp! That will come in handy later.

Nobody quit during the harsh night, and we saw a lot of hurt, like poor Jessica’s red, infected eyes. Yikes. But immediately the show pounded in the clichés about millennials versus Gen-X, including some odd numbers. The show claimed millennials were 1984 to 1997 so they could include Will, but Gen-X was 1964 to 1983. That’s 10 years more! Fishy, but I have high hopes for young Will and old Paul.

The person with the best episode was Zeke, who started off hilariously snarking on his “children” tribe mates and then had a wonderfully scored scene of fire-making triumph. His rise of becoming changed by the show is either a sign of something great or pride before the fall. Still, he’s an early fave. As for the other millennials, it was a fun mix. There was the “triforce” (I caught that Zelda reference Taylor) of pretty people, Taylor, Jay, and Figgy. It’s interesting that all (including connected Michelle) are a bit disconnected, but they aren’t all as bad as each other.

Taylor is the worst, admitting he’s a sucker for pretty faces, while Figgy admits she’s good at manipulating guys despite her attraction to Taylor. Jay likes them but isn’t overwhelmed by prettiness, plus he adds a mini-alliance with Michelle. Good game play there. Michelle has little yet, mainly her connection with awkward Hannah, who isn’t nearly as awkward as I feared.

She had a nice little alliance with Mari, who is the sneakiest and savviest one so far, perhaps a bit more than Adam. Adam is mature but impulsive, but disciplined. I like him so far, but there are a lot of likable people here. There was some fun editing, like when Sunday decried video gamers and the camera cut to Mari, the professional gamer. Cute.



We got little from Sunday, and next to nothing from CeCe. Odd, considering we don’t see why she got any votes. I’ll have to read up on interviews about why that happened. Oh, Lucy had no lines at all that I can recall. That’s odd. Chris came off well, making intelligent points, while Brett was mostly right. David had a bad episode, but he stuck in there; maybe he can keep it going.

I’d say Chris had the best episode on the Gen-X tribe, with of course Rachel having the worst. She had no alliance at all, had annoyed people, and had done poorly in the puzzle. I see why she got voted out. Ken got close to annoying people, but he was ultimately okay. On the Millennials side, like I said, Zeke was number one, followed by Mari. Worst was Michaela who didn’t get any good screen time. But nobody had a particularly bad performance.



The challenge was fun; I like the twist on shortcuts on the physical side impacting the puzzle side. The Millennials did a clever compromise, despite Jeff Probst dogging on them at first. A strong first episode of the season, introducing us to a lot of interesting characters and setting up great potential for conflict down the road. I’m excited, aren’t you?

Check out a behind the scenes look at the making of the Got To Choose Immunity/Reward Challenge.



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  1. Here’s an idea:

    Let’s whine and cry and pronounce paranoimia ’til the cows come home. Then let’s toss in a few “I’m my own worst enemy in this game” self-depricating asides and let’s see how far that gets you down the road.

    Yet … Dave lives still.

    Granted, Rachel’s the one deserving of a ticket home … but still …