Supergirl has trouble on Both Sides Now


‘Both Sides Now’ was our last episode of Supergirl for a very long time, until April 16 to be specific. Whew boy, that’s going to be a long hiatus. More unfortunate is this served as a very weak cliffhanger for us to rest on for two whole months.

After finding the next World Killer through an all too convenient vision, we started with the DEO and Kara going in to retrieve the young woman. This is where things so quickly took an odd turn. Seemingly from nowhere Alex has lost all sense and self control. As Kara tries to appeal to Purity’s human side, Alex suddenly flips her lid and seemingly triggers the transformation from oblivious earthling to full on Reign style maniacal villain.

This change with Alex was my biggest issue this week. Yes, she has been dealing with depression over Maggie but the sudden turn and outright dangerous behavior paints her as someone who falls to pieces instead of a strong-minded woman. As a result, Purity tries to take out the entire DEO team but Kara and J’onn’s quick thinking lets them still capture her.

Here’s where you can see the writers thought they had themselves their own Hannibal Lecter. Purity in her glass cage, white contact lenses, err I mean eyes. They wanted us to be creeped out and intimidated by the way she plays mind games with Kara and Alex. It mostly came off as forced to me though. The taunting of Alex was particularly odd. Alex supposedly has dealt with terrorists and world ending alien threats but a little teasing sets her off.


Purity wasn’t terrible, just not as strong as I’d like an ongoing villain to be. She felt much more villain of the week and had zero subtlety. Whether in her World Killer persona or her human side, both performances were very broad. Especially when they tried to use a photo of her best friend to reach her, the reaction was almost comically over the top, a shaky hand reaching for the photograph. This isn’t a stage play, give it a softer touch. I thought for sure they were leading to her friend actually being her girlfriend or wife based on her reaction but then nothing more came of it. I did like that she had had a different power set from Reign, hers being sonic based. Mixed up the action a bit from what we’ve had before.

The highlight of the episode had to be Purity’s break out scene. After her Kryptonian crystal activates and does … something, Purity is able to smash out of her cell and basically smack down the entire DEO and Kara to boot. The vibrational effect had an interesting look and like I said before it was just a nice change of pace from the normal fist fights and heat vision we’re used to.

Later on we saw the team actually fight smart and wear earpieces that negated her power’s effect on them but rookie mistake, they approach her incredibly slowly and end up demolishing most of a subway platform in the process. This is what happens when you gloat guys! Of course a brief flash of Purity’s humanity breaks through just as Alex is watching so she can have a sudden change of heart and tries to reach out like Kara wanted from the start. Yet another frustratingly sudden shift in personality from Alex.


On our B side we got a small story about Winn, Mon-El and J’onn fixing the Legion’s ship. I’d categorize this as mostly fun though a little bit pointless. It was nice having Winn score another, well, win, but Brainiac’s absence stuck out pretty strongly here. While I’m sure the writers could give us a long answer as to why, the short answer is budgets and not wanting to pay every cast member every episode. J’onn and Mon-El get in a little bonding time which was nice to see but the revelation that Mon-El’s marriage was more or less arranged and he “grew” to love his wife just added an unnecessary wrinkle. Are we really heading to a love triangle subplot? I was actually starting to like the guy and here he goes back to his mopey ways.

With the long, long hiatus upon us we are left with two giant dangling morsels. First one being Mon-El is told by Imra that it’s time for him to know the truth behind their mission. So it almost definitely is going to have something to do with Reign right? I mean if we suddenly get thrown yet another dire world ending scenario on top of everything else that would be a bit much. The second is after Lena and Sam have a very awkward conversation following another blackout, Lena says she has a solution. Does she know her BFF is Reign? Or is this just a huge red herring? Well we have plenty of time to mull it over.

So as episodes go it was okay. Good not great, some trouble spots but not bad. As a sort of midseason ender? Not very good at all. Very little moved forward and nothing was enough of a huge dramatic moment to end on. But hopefully the long break gives extra time to really polish up the last batch of episodes.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.



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