Is Lena for evil or for good on Supergirl?


The biggest leap in logic for this week’s Supergirl came right at the top. Starting off “For Good” was a dream sequence. Somehow Kara has a vision of Reign and the other World Killers hovering over a scorched Earth. Of course while we see the one World Killer who was introduced at the end of last week’s episode, the other is in silhouette. I will say right now it better not turn out to be Lena Luthor as that third World Killer. I don’t think she will be but whenever I see a tease like that I immediately think someone we already know is going to be the reveal. I hope we find out how and why Kara had this super convenient dream but I’ll take the leap of faith.

We did get some kinda sorta answers to Reign’s differences from Kara. They clearly state the World Killers don’t leave trails like Kara and her cousin. While not exactly nailing it down they surmise that while made on Krypton they may not necessarily be Kryptonian, or if they are could be genetically modified. I’m cool with this if for no other reason than we don’t have to see another battle that relies on Kryptonite as its deus ex machina.

This episode had a wonderful flow and balance to it. While the B plot was a very small one focusing on Alex helping Samantha address her memory loss, the main plot was very strong, bringing back Morgan Edge and bringing his and Lena’s conflict to a boil.


After a brief look at Lena and Jimmy’s dating dynamic and work dynamic which got … a little awkward, Morgan Edge has a brief encounter with them and then is nearly killed by his remotely controlled car. So within the first five minutes we get the set up for the episode and a solid action scene with Edge diving from his speeding car. By the way, good on Edge and more so the writers for having Edge escape through his trunk. We’ve seen similar scenes in many shows and this is the first one I can remember the person in peril remembering that every trunk has access from inside a car and all trunks have release latches. A great start!

One of the things I hate in shows is the secret keeping. You know this trick. A character is keeping a secret that if shared could be easily addressed and helped but they drag it out for the drama. Which is why I love how many things come to light this week! People put their cards on the table and get help.

Samantha coming to Alex was a good start and getting tests to see why she is losing time was a reasonable thing to do. But even taking another step she confides in Lena and Kara as well, thank god! While no one including Sam knows she is Reign yet, at least the seeds have been planted, there won’t be any big question for them whether Sam is an enemy or victim.

Lena also put everything out there. For a brief moment, after it’s revealed her mother is the big bad behind everything this week, it seemed like she might be making a turn to the dark side. Instead she immediately tells Kara her mom is back, even confesses to her wanting to murder Edge earlier this year. Again makes sense, clears the air, and lets us have more thought provoking drama.

The path to Lillian Luthor’s return was quite enjoyable as well. From the crazy car attempt on Edge to his retaliatory poisoning of Lena. Jimmy’s chase of the assassin, which while we’re mentioning Jimmy, he was very good this week! Kara almost felt like a sidekick in her own show! She does risk her identity to save Lena and then uses her super breathe to lower her temp and save Lena. Then the way Lena puts the pieces together and tracks the vanishing bullet to a Lexcorp factory, logical and interesting steps to move the plot forward.


Lena pivots this week, for better or worse, and makes a stand to use all of her Luthor intellect for good rather than evil … However! I did find one moment a little morally gray even verging on evil. Lena uses her mother’s plan to kill Edge to blackmail him into giving a confession. Alright, this is a little immoral but not the worst. When Edge refuses and is attacked, he uses a security guard as a human shield and as far as we know that guard is killed as a result. Lena could have prevented that and all the damage done in the attack if she had acted earlier. So not evil but definitely selfish on her part.

I’m completely okay with that for her though, a morally ambiguous character can add some very interesting angles moving forward. I only hope that they continue this with her and don’t drop it to the side as the World Killer plots become the focus again.

Longtime Superman fans got a great easter egg this week in the form of Lex’s “Lexo” suit as Winn calls it. Since the seventies the green and purple armor has popped up time and time again in many forms and wow was I surprised how good it looked here. Having the drone form around Lillian and her HUD scenes came off a bit of an Iron Man rip off but hey steal what works right? The effects on these scenes were super solid and I’m sure being set at night helped that a bit but really the CG was top notch.

So possible fallout from this episode. They don’t say it but the look on Lena’s face when she sees Mon-El? I think she might be putting two and two together on Kara’s identity. Maybe I’m way off base but there was an odd flinch, more than just surprise at seeing him. The other seed I see planted is Sam talking about what will happen to Ruby if anything happens to her. Combine that with her sudden closeness with Alex and Alex’s babysitting of Ruby. I could easily see Sam asking Alex to take care of Ruby in a worst case scenario, plus if Ruby has any abilities like her mother who better to train her than someone whose sister is Supergirl?

This week Supergirl took a break from most of the Reign / World Killer stuff and it was a fantastic outing! Smart, relatable and action packed, it was one of the better episodes of the season. I mean Jimmy was downright enjoyable as a harder edged Guardian. That’s a miracle on its own! Just about everyone got their moment to shine, except maybe J’onn, but “For Good” did a damn good job at delivering us one of the best balanced Supergirl episodes.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.



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