While Supergirl sleeps the Legion of Superheroes picks up the slack


After a six week hiatus Supergirl returned this week with “Legion of Superheroes”. The first of four episodes before another hiatus as the CW tries its switch out plan with Legends of Tomorrow, which by the way I do not understand considering both shows have been doing fairly well this season. Why screw with a working formula? Oh well.

So in the past few weeks the internet has been frothing at the mouth upon seeing pictures of Brainiac 5 played by Jesse Rath of last year’s No Tomorrow. As a side note, No Tomorrow was a silly, delightful show and its one and only season is available on Netflix, give it a shot! But back to Brainiac 5, the pictures of his makeup had fanboys … displeased is one word. Rath had responded to the haters telling them to wait till he started talking and he was mostly right! I very much enjoyed his portrayal of the character. But, Jesus Lord, that wig guys! Seriously, I’m fine with them going a different way with the color of his skin and I actually kinda dig the look of his glowy head bulb things, very comic accurate. It’s just that cheap Party City looking Einstein wig ruining the whole look. I really, really hope that they heard the critique and if the Legion sticks around a while maybe Brainy can get a makeover, get a crew cut, not only fixing a distractingly bad design choice but could also be a highly entertaining B plot for an episode.

So the nitty gritty from the mid-season cliffhanger, Kara is still in a coma, being healed in a tank that is totally not like a Bacta tank from Star Wars. Reign is still doing her Jekyll / Hyde thing, that whole “will she hurt her daughter” thing was a total red herring that they played up again here. I guarantee the writers are holding back her daughter finding out until they need that to be what saves her to end all of this. Unfortunately it’s the end that makes the most sense and is the least interesting.

When we start, Mon-El has awakened Brainiac 5 to help out Kara, and the stuff with him in her mind is probably the strongest, most enjoyable thing in the episode. For one thing they have interesting interactions with some natural chemistry. Brainy feels very much like a cooler version of Winn. It also is one of the better parts because the rest of the episode feels like it is spinning its wheels a bit. So much time is of people standing around and wondering what to do next or prepping for what they will do next.

Luckily after making such a big splash, Reign is laying pretty low and suddenly her evil plans include stopping crime but in a fascist way … wait what? I don’t know what her endgame is at all. Does her evil fairy hologrammother want to rule the world? Stamp out crime? Something else? I felt like what they want is fuzzy at best.


Then we got a bit more info on the Legion’s secret mission. Stopping a planetary threat and the solution is code in their DNA? Yeah, so all that stuff was nonsense garbage. Just an excuse as to why they can’t interfere. Also of course there was an event that erased most but not all of Earth’s history so they know Kara will live, just not how. A better excuse should have been that their ship awoke Reign and changed history, then there would be a valid and easily explained reason why they don’t know what’s going on.

Jimmy Olsen and Lena talk about their kiss a little bit … yeah, no one cares but it does eventually lead to my second favorite piece of the night — J’onn once again pretending to be Kara. Melissa Benoist does a fantastic job as J’onn as Kara. I am a big fan of actors pretending to be another character body-swapped or disguised, etc. When you do it right it can be fantastic! The scene with Lena and fake Kara is silly and funny and all around fun.

I also appreciated the smart plan to capture Reign, setting up a fake bank robbery and being full ready with red sun grenades and Kryptonite. Unfortunately for yet unknown reasons, Reign has a much weaker reaction to Kryptonite. I hope the reasoning isn’t something silly and that we get an answer soon but I’ll play along for now.

So once the Legion finally joins in the fight, I was very worried for the first minute or two. The fight started very stilted, everyone standing in place and throwing stuff at each other. Also while I loved seeing them use Legion flight rings, they looked like they were on wires. Now I know they are on wires but you know sometimes people know how to play it off and feel like flight and others look like a puppet hanging on strings. Once Kara rejoins the group, the fight gets pretty good, nowhere near that drag out fight from last episode but still pretty fun. Everyone uses their powers in interesting ways, especially J’onn phasing Reign into the ground. Solid but just a little underwhelming after the great action we’ve had on this series.

The other big thread that I do not understand where it’s heading is Chad Lowe’s cult leader. Returning this week, and apparently having lost his faith in Supergirl, has easily thrown his hat in with Reign and now, as we find out, there are many more of her faiths people on Earth.

There are some very interesting ways this all can go, also some very boring ways. Which way will hopefully become apparent before the show switches off when we lose Kara and Company again for a month. This outing was fine, a bit lackluster in spots but with several high points shining through.

What did you think of the fall finale? Tell us in the comments below.



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