Supergirl’s Wake Up may put you to sleep


Hmm. Supergirl this week was two things, O and K. Yeah this week’s episode “Wake Up” did a few things to move us forward. A couple of plot points were fun, interesting elements, and a couple others fell a bit flat.

We had three storylines this week and none of them were great. One was intriguing, another felt barely there, and the third was laughable in parts.

So first up was the mysterious underwater ship we’ve been seeing glimpses of for the past few weeks. Well guess who’s back? No not Slim Shady, another annoying white guy, Mon-El! So we find out from Winn that the ship has been on earth for twelve thousand years and apparently Mon-El and several others have been in hyper sleep.

If that wasn’t confusing already, things are about to get real weird and convoluted. Mon-El went through a wormhole to the thirty-second century. Die hard nerds probably perked their ears up at this particular time period as it is home to the Legion of Superheroes. A kitschy team of heroes, mostly teens and twenty-somethings, who were popular guest stars of Superman comics back in the day. So this must mean we are eventually going to meet The Legion, it also means there is some time travel at play here, but for what purpose? Were they in stasis all those years in preparation for Reign? Is there some other terrible threat?

We also find out that the seven months Kara has experienced has been seven years to Mon-El in the future and we also meet his gorgeous crew mate, who also happens to be his wife! Now I can’t guarantee this will continue on but Mon-El was actually tolerable, even sort of interesting! The sneaking around, the weird looks at Kara, and now having a wife while still feeling for Kara, all of these things were interesting to watch. Much like how Jimmy has started to be used in a much more fitting, and sparing way, it seems like they finally learned how to write for Mon-El without making me want to change the channel. There still isn’t a ton to this story yet but they’ve set the runway for some really interesting stuff to launch off of going forward.

We finally got back to J’onn and his father’s story. With Winn acting as a catalyst for J’onn to take his dad outside, the DEO let him experience a life instead of living like a prisoner. I was hoping for a bit more out of this thread but all we really got was his dad calling him out for not having a life and working too much. Now by the end J’onn proposes the two of them get an apartment together which I suppose might lead to some entertaining stuff. On the other hand if this ends up being The Odd Couple or Perfect Strangers type zany roommate comedy, I’m going to get real tired real quick. I’ll wait and see on this one.


Samantha’s story was the worst this week. We finally get some answers to her life and origins and they are all just pale imitations and conveniences converging. So confronting her adopted mother we get the picture she has a lot of issues with her. Having had a falling out when she got pregnant, they show her mom to be a real piece of work. Eventually though she takes her to a barn and shows her the ship that brought her to earth. So directly ripping off Superman’s origins, got it. She finds a crystal that guides her to a desolate location, hmm that seems familiar, and creates a Fortress of Sanctuary (ugh terrible name). Just so you know it’s bad, hers is made in the desert out of rock instead of ice like Superman’s. Inside we find out that her pregnancy is what delayed her powers manifesting at her eighteenth birthday …. So is she not a true Kryptonian? Kara had power the moment she landed, what are the rules here and why don’t they make any sense?

Eventually her evil hologram fairy godmother tells her that when her power comes she’ll change and no longer care for her daughter, old life, etc etc. Appropriate that for such a ham-fisted piece of story the transformation scene is accompanied by some of the worst community theater style acting I’ve ever seen. Till now, Samantha has been pretty decent as a CEO and mother but if this is an indication of her supervillain acting then P-U! What a stinker!

So all in all this episode didn’t do very much good aside from the Mon-El stuff and mostly sets up things to be tackled down the line. While not a terrible episode I have to say that it’s by far the weakest of the season. Here’s hoping the big crossover next week helps cleanse the palette.

Supergirl airs Monday at 8:00 PM on The CW.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.



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