Supergirl deals with last season’s Damage


Consequences, consequences, consequences! Supergirl did such a great job in this week’s “Damage” in addressing cause and effect.

Starting with the heartbreak first, Alex and Maggie are no more, Nooooo! After building this couple up over the last year, surviving emotional baggage, coming out of the closet, alien invasions, it turns out this couple’s Kryptonite is children. While I still didn’t like how far down the marriage road they went before addressing it, it wasn’t an affair or some mind control monster that split them up, but a normal and perfectly reasonable situation that rips them apart.

Even the way they handled the break up was completely classy. Some tears and honest discussion gave way to one last joyful night together. I know the montage of their last night set to Cyndi Lauper should be too cheesy but somehow it worked perfectly. Small aside here, but why don’t more shows and films use the montage anymore? I know it got used to death back in the day but that’s because it’s such an effective tool. A lot of these projects that drag on way longer than need be could clean up some of that dead weight with a good montage … Okay rant over.

I was so happy that Maggie didn’t have some last minute change of heart, or some fake change of heart that would drag on for episodes before the big reveal that *gasp* she still doesn’t want kids. She even kind of admits that the only way she ever would, would be purely for Alex and not real. No giant fights or overly dramatic exits. While I will miss their relationship I respect the way in which it was brought to life, from conception to death this was one of the most enjoyable TV relationships to watch.


But that was all just the B plot! Our main story was actually a little piece of genius that took a plot hole from last year (that I complained about) and made it a plot point. The lead bomb that made earth poisonous to the Daxamites always seemed like a rushed bad idea. Here Morgan Edge uses it, as we find out, to frame Lena Luthor for a great many children getting sick.

Now the initial seed of the idea, that the bomb actually was causing children to become very ill, that concept was brave and showed real world consequences to rash actions. When Winn retested the bomb and found the chances of it being the bombs fault were much higher than they first thought, I was impressed. Wow, they are really going to make Lena and Kara responsible for little kids getting horribly ill. But no, turns out it was just Morgan Edge lacing pool chlorine with some crazy chemical to frame Lena.

Now this still ends up being a pretty cool story. Lena’s breakdown, stepping down from Catco and subsequent attempted murder of Edge all show Lena is a deeply broken person. She is someone who wants so badly to be on the right side but still has such darkness inside her, she’s always teetering on that edge.

The press conference with the assassination attempt ended up being just another stepping stone in Samantha’s road to super powers. I’m getting a little tired of all the teases, just get to it already. Or at least have her address it and try to find out what she is. Also the chants of “lock her up” aimed at Lena … really? Have you gone back and watched any of the shows from the Bush Administration (W.) lately? The ones that were heavy on the topical references are soooo dated now. These are dated already. If you want to be political be clever, don’t just regurgitate catch phrases and headlines. We have Law & Order for that crap.


Morgan Edge’s Adrian Pasdar gave us two great moments this week in his stand-offs with both Lena and Kara, especially Kara’s. Pasdar is so good at playing a bastard, the only sad thing about him playing Edge is it means he can’t play Lex Luthor down the line. He just has a way of saying very little with that jerk look on his face that makes you hate his guts. I have no clue where his story is heading but damn do I want Kara to punch his lights out. He has the potential to become the series most compelling villain.

Kara and Samantha had some more bonding time during their investigation that was fun to watch. The two of them make a good team. So much so that I wish they weren’t leading to Samantha inevitably becoming a villain. I had more fun watching them go all cloak and dagger than I would seeing them trade punches.

Like I always say, Supergirl excels when it focuses on smaller more personal stories. This episode was that all over, smaller battles, more personal stakes. The kid stuff was the largest danger they dealt with and that only affected what? Like twenty kids or so? Not the end of the world or the city, just stories about people dealing with relationships and their place in the world, with a little plane crash thrown in for spice. While I still expect the usual slide back into boredom the series has around midseason, it’s five weeks in and we’re still going strong!

Supergirl airs Monday at 8:00 PM on The CW.

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