A new villain finds Supergirl’s Triggers


This week’s Supergirl, “Triggers,” was a whole lot of nothing. Now before you think I hated the episode, I didn’t. In fact I thought it was fairly well done and pretty entertaining … for the most part.

Starting with a montage of several members of the team waking up in the morning we still are harping on the “Kara misses Mon-El” story. It seems his character will be just as annoying absent as he was present on the show. I still find the general details and handling of his character’s exit infuriatingly sloppy. There’s no reason he couldn’t have established a way to communicate with earth or not left for parts unknown. Remember we were introduced to portals to other planets last season as well as being told of the last survivors of Mars. All valid options that would have provided Kara a way to meet up or at least know where and how he is. All this moping and self pity is really Kara’s own fault.

The villain of the week was a character so vague and unknown, even to a comic geek like myself, that I had to look on IMDB just to figure out a name. Psi, while never named in the episode, is a character with origins in an eighties “Supergirl” comic and then barely a dozen other appearances over the next thirty years. A run of the mill psychically powered bad gal, she was as boring here as her paper-bound counterpart.

With no real origin and no connection to any of the many possible villains for the season, Psi was merely a bank robber who makes people see their greatest fears to incapacitate them. This providing opportunity for Kara to have a sudden bout of PTSD. Basically the same routine any of these shows has done with a bad memory / fear-inducing baddie. Hero gets shaken, denies they’re dealing with issues, finally accepts the shortcoming and confronts their fear to take down the villain. Boring!

Why not tie Psi into the Morgan Edge storyline? Or even say she’s a leftover from the Cadmus project? The actress playing her had a bit of personality at the start, even having a femme fatale, Hannibal Lecter thing going on. That soon fades to prototypical smash and bash antics, even moving from the psychological torture and just blasting Kara around with her mind.


The moments with the inner fears are pretty basic. Kara sees Krypton exploding and fears Mon-El is dead. No big revelation to us or herself. J’onn early on takes himself out of the fight after Psi kicks his butt psychically so no creative mental battles either. Oh, and surprise, she who will soon be Reign pops up again. Her daughter believing her to have powers gets herself in danger to force her mother’s hand. I like that we’re getting to know this woman and her daughter before her inevitable turn and eventual redemption (cause I don’t see this show killing a mom and orphaning a girl on screen), but so far she’s just too perfect.

Single mom, cool all around nice person, and she even is taking over L Corp for Lena Luthor. What!? Come on guys, she really has to have this many coincidental run-ins with the team before her full debut? Is this turning into the last season of How I Met Your Mother?

The most interesting things that happen though are on the periphery. The episode tags out with M’gann calling to J’onn, saying he needs to return to Mars. Now that episode should be something to watch. I loved their dynamic last year and the White Martian episodes have tended to be better than most.

The other interesting thread was also a bit of a head scratcher. Maggie and Alex have a talk about children, and whether they would want them. Um, they are well on their way to getting married and this never came up? How many roadblocks are we going to go through on the way to this wedding? Calling it now, one of them gets kidnapped by a villain on the wedding day making everyone think they got cold feet.

So the episode was fine. Not terrible. Most things made at least a modicum of sense but nothing stands out as amazing either. Compared to some of the lowest lows of last season I’ll take boring over bad. After all, sweeps are coming soon so you can be sure things will ramp up in about two weeks.

What did you think of this episode? Was Psi a compelling villain? Tell us in the comments below.



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