Supergirl and friends try to Resist


The alien invasion, Cadmus, Superman, every element that was introduced this season came into play this week. “Resist,” the penultimate episode of Supergirl for this second season arrived with a lot on its plate. After a rocky rollercoaster ride of quality this season it appears we will end on a strong note as this was a damn fine episode.

Starting off with Lena awaking in Rhea’s mothership, the invasion is in full swing. The first five minutes did a great job setting the stage as we get an overview of the chaos in the streets. Maggie and the police fighting and failing, the DEO overrun and evacuated, and Alex’s escape, while unnecessary, was a badass moment. Running and gunning to the balcony hundreds of feet up, throwing herself off backwards while firing at the invaders, plummeting to her doom until caught by Kara at the last second, very cool.


We also find out why Rhea took Lena Luthor … to marry Mon-El! After hating earthlings all this time, Rhea suddenly loves Lena so much she wants to arrange her marriage to her son. A bit of a sudden turn but I get it, they wanted to add yet another ticking clock scenario, up the drama a bit. I get it, it was a touch weak but whatever, I’m giving them a pass on this one.

J’onn is still catatonic from last week. I’m hopeful he’ll be back in time to jump into the fray next week. J’onn is always such a great presence on the show, it was a shame they sidelined him this way for the end of the season. We also got some crazy news when Lillian Luthor showed up to offer help and also says she has no clue where Jeremiah Danvers is. Was this just because they aren’t ready to wrap his story up or are they laying groundwork for something else with him down the line? It seems odd they had him for years on end only to just up and lose the man.


Then the next piece on the board came along in the form of the president. Lynda Carter returns to the show and she brought friends as she tries to negotiate with Rhea, and Cat Grant just happens to be on Air Force One with her. God this series needs Calista Flockhart back so badly! Every scene with her was so much fun. Starting with the big confrontation with Rhea followed up with Rhea blowing the plane out of the sky, sending Cat plummeting to her doom, and yet again someone is caught by Kara at the last minute. The big reveal though was when the president comes digging out of the wreckage, her alien heritage finally revealed. After a whole season of buildup, this finally being out was … almost immediately brushed off? Yes, the gang shows a little shock and Cat has a few funny lines about seeing E.T. in college but otherwise this huge revelation has little to no impact on the story moving forward. Actually the best thing about the reveal is Cat’s biggest concern is whether she’s still a Democrat or not.

We get a creepy look into Daxamite culture when we are told Rhea is concocting an heir using Mon-El and Lena’s hair. There’s a great speech about who you love, in general some nice little moments for just about every character. Then the Cyborg shows up again … meh. I still can’t wait till this waste of a character is gone for good. I did love the way Kara finally decides to deal with Cadmus. She and Winn exchange that slight look and when he bumps into Cyborg it’s pretty obvious they’ve pulled something. Everything here is very smartly played. Lillian and Cyborg reprogramming the Phantom Zone projector to teleport them into the ship makes total sense, their plan for rescue is solid, then their inevitable betrayal doesn’t shock Kara, and her plan with Winn gives her a back door out of the situation. All that great writing from earlier this year came back all of a sudden!


Things take a small dip during the idiotic wedding ceremony, the timing and tone of which make zero sense, but we quickly bypass that and get a great inspirational speech from Cat. God has this show been lacking in her absence, please let them find a way to make her a series regular. Getting political again, Cat tells the people to Resist the aliens trying to make us “great again,” a bit on the nose but it seems everyone is injecting these phrases into their shows this season. Aside from the thinly veiled political swipes, it is a great moment for Cat. Almost as great as when Guardian rescues her and she immediately knows it’s Jimmy just because she can see his eyes, yuck yuck, very funny guys.

Wrapping the whole thing up, Rhea confesses to killing her husband and Kara is knocked on her ass by none other than her cousin Superman! Who knows what they did to him but next week’s finale promises to be some spectacular stuff.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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