Supergirl takes a back seat in the City of Lost Children


Oh great, a Jimmy-centric episode, that’s just what I wanted… If my sarcasm didn’t come through then let me simply state, Why for the love of god are we getting a Jimmy Olsen focused episode this late in the season? After ignoring, sidelining, and turning him into a barely noticeable presence, the writers suddenly are all concerned with Jimmy. To me this whole episode made me think my theory of him being written off by the end of this season is coming true. Sort of a last little gift before an exit.

Starting off with another outing as Guardian, Jimmy is sad that the girl he rescues is terrified of him. Seeing as this is the first time we’ve seen this happen, his sudden crisis of conscious is oddly out of nowhere. Though it does lead to a sort of confirmation of something pretty cool. Winn and Jimmy make reference to Clark’s scary friend, or frenemy who as Winn indicates has some pointy ears. Really? Did you actually tease that Batman exists in the Supergirl universe? Of course we know there is almost zero chance we will actually see him in the series. It took near unanimous revolt from season one just to get Superman to make a proper appearance.

So later we see a small farmer’s market, and I do mean small. Budgets can be a bitch. Of course an alien attack ruins the festivities. A purple-eyed alien with telekinetic powers runs amok and then escapes. We eventually, through a complete and total coincidence, find out where she lives and Jimmy investigates to find not the alien in question but her terrified son. In what I assume they thought would be a big moment, Jimmy takes his mask off showing the young boy how much alike they are. Playing both the heartwarming card and the black hero for a black kid cards. Neither of which are particularly effective.

The biggest weakness in this episode was Jimmy. The whole plot centers around his interactions and Mehcad Brooks is just such a wooden, dead-eyed actor here. Now there are a couple of moments that work okay. Especially some of the lower stakes stuff. But the big emotional moments? The ones like at the end when he has to “reach” the young man to stop a disaster? Those moments are written as these huge emotional speeches and just come off like a bad player in a community theatre. The kid doesn’t do much either. I actually thought they might be using him as a substitute for autism. His quiet and unsocial behavior goes nowhere though and is just a standard kid actor.


Lena and Mon-El’s mother Rhea have some heavy-handed bonding moments as they work on their giant portal machine. Supergirl has always gone heavy on the Mother / Daughter angles and boy did they double down here. Lena has bought in hook, line and sinker. Also why does she think they need such a big portal? We find out later it’s for Daxam ships to invade earth. But if she believed it was just for one woman to get to her planet shouldn’t it have been much much smaller? Lena has been built up as such a strong, independent thinker, so Rhea dropping some compliments and a little loving attention should not work as total and completely as it does. It makes Lena come off as desperate and dumb. Adding insult to injury Lena is almost immediately knocked unconscious when the action starts.

So the big points going forward seem to be the Catco building is falling apart, nearly destroyed by the young alien boy. The Daxamites have invaded earth. J’onn is being shut down by a white Martian tool. So while we are gearing up for the big season finale this episode was just okay.


The moment when Mon-El pulls a gun on his mother and I almost thought he would shoot her was pretty tense. But having him do nothing deflated the moment. They had an opportunity to do something powerful there but nada. It’s already been confirmed that Superman and Zod will feature somehow into the finale and judging by this set up I’m guessing a tag leading to season three.

While not the worst I’ve seen of this series, “City of Lost Children” was certainly nowhere near the best. Leaning heavily on Jimmy was a huge mistake and shoehorning his story to lead into the big invasion storyline was a bit too convenient. Also, having an invasion is almost beat for beat what happened last season too. Are we just getting a retread of season one? If they can take things in a fresh and interesting angle and give us some good scenes it may be worthwhile but as of now it is old hat.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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