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Okay, okay, I have to admit Mon-El was slightly less unbearable this week. But that doesn’t mean I like him, he’s just a bit more digestible now. Starting with Kara and Mon-El in domestic bliss, Mon-El has discovered the joy of cooking, literally, nice to finally see him do something nice and normal without Kara dragging him kicking and screaming. I hope every Supergirl fan watched her musical crossover with The Flash last week. Otherwise their reconciliation is going to come as quite the surprise. They barely even acknowledge their breakup this week.

Then of course an alien attack interrupts their cutesy morning banter. The quality of this aliens suit was just about the cheesiest thing I’ve seen on the series so far. Like something out of a Troma picture, just a bad rubber suit monster, but kind of a fun design. As we find out, this alien is a bounty hunter. The big mystery is who put a bounty on Kara? Was it Mon-El’s parents or … no, of course it was his parents, why was there any question? Literally a day or so after pissing off an alien royal family, an alien bounty is placed on her head. The time wasted on “interrogating” the bounty hunters was just silly.

The writers did an excellent job in filling Jimmy’s contractual obligations this week. While Kara is asked to lie low for a day, they decided to have a game night with Winn … and Jimmy! Getting his customary thirty seconds of screen time, it’s becoming more and more obvious that his time on the show is coming to an end. Oh and his Guardian persona gets another thirty seconds of time. Good for you buddy, good for you!

The second bounty hunter actually did give us an entertaining scene. A psychic took over Mon-El’s body and made him fight Kara and company. Some funny bits of dialogue and relatively light stakes action was a nice change from the dire stakes of other recent episodes. The weird bubbling look the alien’s head had while using his power was odd to say the least but not terrible. I also liked J’onn breaking his power out to take on the psychic foe. Also Winn taking the guy down by using a stapler against the back and saying it was a gun? Did anyone else have a Batman Begins flashback in that moment? Possibly a little DC nod there.


There was also a lackluster “B plot” with Alex and Maggie dealing with Maggie’s ex. I’m sure the writers think that having the seemingly confident Maggie turn out to be a mess time and time again is a genius bit of writing. It’s not but I’m sure they think it is. Once again Maggie and Alex deal with Maggie lying and being kind of a jerk. Blaming her ex for dumping her and saying she doesn’t deserve to be happy when Maggie actually cheated on the poor girl.

This whole storyline felt awkward and unrealistic. First Alex way oversteps her boundaries in dealing with the ex. Also who invites their still fairly new girlfriend’s ex to dinner? That’s an awkward meal regardless of the circumstances. Why are we getting these overly convoluted situations for these two? There is so much potential drama in a lesbian couple, one of whom is still adjusting to coming out. Both characters work in law enforcement, a field which is not known for being the most accepting of the gay community. Let’s explore that! Just so many other possibilities that lend themselves more naturally to their story.

Anyway back to the main plot. We eventually get to Kara confronting Mon-El’s mom at the Fortress of Solitude, and being a real jerk about Kara’s heritage. Daxamites are like the alt-right of the galaxy apparently. I wonder if there’s an intergalactic Alex Jones screaming nonsense somewhere in the depths of space. When Teri Hatcher pulled out her Kryptonite Sai I straight up laughed out loud. Those props looked like a cheap children’s toy. Also, I’m sorry but Miss Hatcher is not a fighter, don’t make her try to be one.


As a result of the silly attack, Mon-El ends up giving himself over to his family and we find out that his father wasn’t in on the whole bounty thing at all. Kara, J’onn and Winn execute an escape for Mon-El that has some pretty fun moments. Biggest of which being a little bromance moment when Mon-El quotes Star Wars much to Winn’s delight. Also having J’onn shape shift into Kara and fighting the Queen was a very smart move. Throws off the enemy, keeps Kara away from Kryptonite. Kudos to a solid bit of writing and use of your characters.

I did think it was a bit cold and callous that Mon-El ends up knocking out a window, trying to basically murder his parents and successfully killing one of their poor servants, both sucked into space and impaled on the Sai. That’s a terrible way to go and is completely glossed over. So Mon-El’s dad sees his son’s desire and lets him go. Real character growth and could lead to interesting future developments … and he’s dead. Yup, bye bye Kevin Sorbo, your cameo time was short and now you’re done. Terri Hatcher is playing a wholly terrible person and I guess is the big bad now? No more Cadmus?

Plus Lynda Carter was suddenly back after fifteen episodes. They reestablish her secret alien heritage, once again ominously. Is this ever going anywhere? Did we need more plotlines for this series? I mean, come on, what the hell is going on with this show guys? They pick up, drop, and create new focal points like it’s going out of style. While slightly better than some other episodes lately, this was still severely below the high bar they set earlier this season.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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