Star-crossed lovers on Supergirl!


Well, we learned that Game of Thrones exists in the world of Supergirl this week, and that Kara is annoyed by how damn long winter is taking! Also a nice little nod to the musical episode, with Kara excited to watch Funny Face. Benoist’s former costar Lea Michele would be very proud.

After that cute aside we finally got to the big secret Mon-El has been keeping. You know, the one that every internet review site guessed weeks ago — Mon-El is the prince of Daxam! We find out this non surprise when his royal parents show up to Earth in a giant war ship, that he claims to have never seen, and threatens the planet if their son isn’t returned.

So my first question is just how did they survive? The whole thing is glossed over. Then they claim there are tons of their people out there among the stars, so Mon-El is in no way the last Daxamite I guess. Also we see another telling of Mon-El’s escape from Daxam, this time instead of a brave attempt at self sacrifice we see Mon-El is everything Kara claimed about Daxam. Leaving a lover behind to die. Pushing people aside and running past many who are crying out for help. Ultimately his guard rips a Kryptonian away from his ship. A Kryptonian wearing a crest from the house of El. Does this mean Mon-El doomed someone from Kara’s family?

Then we meet the parents. Played by Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo, quite woodenly I sadly have to say. Plus what a couple of gigantic jerks these two are. They actually have a discussion about slavery, referencing the events of episode 209, “Supergirl Lives”. These royal jerk bags actually try to say that slaves under them live happier than when they were free. Wow, so we aren’t getting an iota of nuance with these characters, they’re just slavery loving, terrible, awful, no good people.

This whole plotline could have been more interesting. IF presented with any kind of humility, Kara could have a real decision to make about Mon-El rejoining his people to help rebuild a destroyed society. Instead it’s just a cartoonish two-dimensional pair of what will likely end up being villains. Great, yet another plotline to add to the pile of crap that has yet to be wrapped up.


Getting far more focus this episode was actually Winn and Lyra. Unfortunately I called it and Lyra did turn out to have ulterior motives for courting Winn. After dragging him after hours for museum sex, it turns out her people don’t show up on camera or in photos (funny that Winn did zero research on his girlfriend’s race) and she sets up Winn to take the fall after she steals a painting. By the way, did she really have to steal Starry Night? Were they worried that no one would believe it was a real painting unless they picked the one painting absolutely everyone in the free world knows and recognizes? Might as well pick the Mona Lisa if you’re going to go that hacky a route.

So we find out that Lyra has a brother being held, and she’s forced to steal stuff, yadda yadda yadda. Just one of the oldest, most tired ideas in TV and Film. Sad that Lyra, such a strong character, is being used to execute one of the most tired plots. Of course Winn still decides to help her even though she lied. The only thing that made me glad was they didn’t go the way I expected, that her brother would actually turn out to be her husband and that she would have lied to get Winn to still help. I’ve seen that version of this story at least four times.

This storyline did give Jimmy a bit to do, not much in the way of lines, and since he was mostly dressed as Guardian, Mehcad Brooks may not have even been on set for most of it. But yeah, some fun action scenes here. I was very confused by the episode’s end. Lyra says she plans on leaving the city but then Winn says he still cares for her, and she seems to reciprocate. They kiss and he walks away … so is she still leaving or hanging out? If they’re smart they’ll keep her around. Even in the terrible plotting this week, her scenes with Winn have such a strong chemistry, such a natural interplay. It would be a shame to lose that so quickly.

Then that last scene with Kara and Mon-El? Wow was that bad. Mon-El gives a terrible and hammy speech, poorly. Maybe Daxamites are made of wood, that would explain all of their terrible acting. Plus what was with the weird music choice for that scene? Overly dramatic and almost drowning out the dialog for part of the scene. It reminded me of that SNL spoof of The OC, you know the one where everyone keeps getting shot to the same cheesy song, yikes!


Ending this week was a tag leading into The Flash musical crossover. Darren Criss being led into the DEO, and just chewing the scenery and having a great time. Criss is a great actor who I hope we see more of in Kara’s universe in the future. Knocking her into a dream world, Kara steps right into the past, looking a bit like Veronica Lake.

The Kara and Mon-El sections of this week were just awful with Winn and Lyra’s sections being the only mildly interesting parts. While more fun to watch than some of the past couple outings, this was still pretty sub-par for this series.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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