A Painful Homecoming on Supergirl


Really? Did we have to start on a shot of Mon-El post coitus this week? An odd choice to have Kara skip dating almost entirely and hop right in bed. Last season she was afraid to even kiss a guy. I guess that kiss from Jimmy unlocked something for Miss Danvers.

Though a bit far fetched I actually thought Mon-El’s immediate declaration of their relationship at the DEO was a funny bit. A complete jerk move considering Kara literally had just told him to keep things on the down low, but hey Mon-El is a big fat jerk, we all knew this already right? How messed up that this week’s script made him the only person with any damn sense? We’ll circle back to that in a minute.

The whole DEO HR and sexual harassment course was a funny line, doesn’t really hold water if you give it real thought, but funny. I actually would love an entire episode dedicated to the mundane side of the DEO. Maybe give that female agent with the short hair, the one who is always in the background or off to the side, a dedicated episode about all the day-to-day clean-up and prep for Kara’s team.


For me this week, the biggest highlight came early on. The action scene with the truck was an amazing moment and must have cost a bundle. Kara igniting the road with her heat vision was very cool. Actually there are multiple heat vision moments that made her a badass, though it seems the way her powers work changes from situation to situation. One moment she can cut through steel with it, then the next it cause a door to explode, umm what?

But yea, even though the actual reason behind the high speed confrontation makes zero sense, the resulting scene was just awesome. I was actually caught off guard by the high quality of the practical explosions and car crash. Beautifully executed and almost cinematic, it definitely feels like a sweeps episode, plus of course our special guest stars.


Yes, Dean Cain and Helen Slater returned as the Danvers, Jeremiah having been rescued from Cadmus … or was he? Yes we played the old game of everyone but one character loses all sense, as Mon-El is the single person who questions their luck. J’onn doesn’t even take the time to try a psychic scan until it’s too late. This was some frustratingly stupid behavior and seemed like the writers were trying to make us like Mon-El so hard.

The DEO is a secret spy organization but they let someone who was under the enemies’ thumb back in good graces without a single question? Idiotic. Also don’t think I didn’t notice how little time Cyborg Superman got. I think they got the memo that character isn’t working. Luckily as I had hoped from the initial tease of the character, Dean Cain turns out to be cybernetically enhanced as well. How much is yet to be seen but I hope hope hope that Henshaw’s mind somehow gets swapped into Jeremiah’s body making his appearance match more closely the comic counterpart.

Another character that got the short end of it this week was Helen Slater’s Eliza. She gets barely any lines and the ones she does have are to tell her husband, who’s been missing for fifteen years, that they have to relearn each other. While I appreciated not having a rosy reunion and immediately being lovey dovey, she basically breaks up with her husband right after he escapes what we assumed was a tortured existence.


So this whole episode, aside from that awesome action sequence and some impressive stuff from Winn, was a total mess. Bad writing, insincere motivations, and cartoonish villainy were all over this one. Lillian Luthor was practically twirling a giant mustache with all her overacting. Oh and Jeremiah’s cover stories for why he hacked the DEO? What idiocy was that? He wanted to catch up on his daughters’ lives, so he broke into a highly classified government server? Oh and how does he cover his tracks? He shoots the computer monitor! That’s not how computers work dude. They just plug in a new monitor and everything else still works.

Starting off fairly strong, this one went off the rails. Just dumb writing throughout. It seems they’re laying the groundwork for the finale. I think that ship shown in the end was the prison ship from last season. What I do know is all I care about now is getting to the musical crossover with The Flash. The rest of this garbage has completely lost my interest. Hopefully they can win me back over before the season is done.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. I don’t agree with everything in your assessment. SuperGirl is one of the best shows on TV and all you can mention is the Flash. Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh gave excellent acting and you didn’t even go into that. Did I agree with everything in the episode – no. I didn’t like the things that Alex said to Kara. You don’t say those things if you have a close relationship. I am sick of the character Mon El. I think he is being forced on everyone. I agree with you that Kara got in bed entirely too soon. However, you could have at least mentioned that Melissa and Chyler did some good acting. As for Helen Slater, I really wish they would give her more lines in the show but they are so busy giving lines to MonEl that there is no room for anyone else. As for the crossover, I sure am not looking at it for the Flash, I am looking at it for SuperGirl and hopefully we won’t have any more dumb lines from the no acting Arrow where he tells SuperGirl they don’t need her, because as far as I’m concerned Arrow could be taken of the TV set today and I sure wouldn’t miss him.