Is Supergirl heading to the chapel?


Before we dive into this week’s fun let’s catch up a bit on what we’ve missed the past few weeks. “The Martian Chronicles” was a fun action adventure with just a dash of mystery. Dealing with two shape-shifting White Martians locked in the DEO with our team, it gave Winn and Alex a chance to try out being evil, or at least appear that way. Where things really clicked were the two relationships that took focus: Kara and Alex, as well as J’onn and M’gann.

While both pairings were engaging it was the Martian one that was so successful. J’onn and M’gann have a chemistry, a very father/daughter one, that rivals Alex and Maggie in its natural and engaging feel. Such a shame that M’gann decides to go back to Mars to face her people by episode’s end. While they leave her story open and vague so they can go wherever they want, I sincerely hope by next year she becomes a regular cast member. Every episode she’s on has made J’onn that better of a character.


The other episode we look at before this week’s is “Luthors.” An exposition heavy outing, “Luthors” did very little to actually move things forward. Lena turns out to be an actual Luthor, not just adopted. Okay that shouldn’t really change anything about her perspective. All the Metallo stuff was just kind of silly. The synthetic Kryptonite that explodes sounds more like a first draft of Superman III. Kara’s extreme trust in Lena still seems unearned. Though Lena does end up betraying her mother to help Kara, she ends up in far too many gray situations. That and the ominous tags the show keeps giving her are getting annoying. Just tell us if she’s evil or not cause this whole line is doing nothing for me.


For this week’s episode of Supergirl, “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk,” romance and magic were in the air. Okay so it was actually the power of a fifth dimensional being whose abilities to warp reality around us is so beyond what we understand that it appears magic. So yeah, magic.

Mxyzptlk is one of the most iconic and fun Superman villains from the comics. Which makes it so surprising that up until now he’s never been successfully translated to any of the live action series that the Man of Steel has had. The Adventures of Lois and Clark had moderate success casting Howie Mandel, but the best and truest representation of the character has got to be the Superman: The Animated Series version.

This episode’s version was portrayed by Peter Gadiot, a real nobody. I’m not trying to be mean when I say that, the man has a mere eleven credits on his IMDB page and the top ranked one being on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. That lack of experience being acknowledged, he actually did a very decent, good even, job at portraying the impish godlike being. While not three feet tall and decked out in a purple bowler hat like his comic counterpart, what he did capture was a mixture of prankster and dangerously powerful foe.

I also liked that he made a number of references to properties not owned by Warner Bros and possibly not existing in Kara’s universe. His quoting of Aladdin was cute, and the Hamilton reference was funny though immediately dating. The one reference that surprised me was when he snatched the bank robbers’ guns telekinetically, hovering them in midair and cocking their hammers back. Saying that he saw this in a movie once, he has to be talking about the first X-Men movie, when Magneto is confronted by guards. Seems DC has its own Deadpool style fourth wall and franchise breaking comedian. Makes perfect sense that a being from a higher dimension could see other worlds and other series. A fun twist on an old character.

The giant weak spot about Mxy’s whole story and obsession with Kara has to be Mon-El. I know I’m beating a dead horse at this point but, seriously, he and Kara have no chemistry. His whole knight in shining armor routine feels forced and unnatural. Watching Mxyzptlk kick his ass was so fun. I still can’t understand why finding a good match for Kara is so tough. The showrunners have managed to match up such good chemistry everywhere else on the series.


Like Maggie and Alex. Even though their story this week was nowhere near as strong as normal, having Maggie’s childhood coming out linked to Valentine’s Day was just an artificial roadblock. The kind of odd holiday coincidence I haven’t heard since Phoebe Cates’ speech in Gremlins. But the two actresses still have that spark between them, I believe they are attracted.

Then there was Winn’s side story. Dating an incredibly horny alien girl named Lyra, there was an immediate sexual tension, be it awkward and nerdy on Winn’s part. But I felt the chemistry just leap off the screen. I’m sort of all in on their relationship. I was worried it was just a set-up for a double cross and that Lyra would just be someone after Mon-El, which could still happen, but I really hope she’s just a love interest for Winn. Side note though, they go on a date in public, and people stare but no one is scared by her appearance. Did the public at large completely accept aliens when I wasn’t looking? Aside from the president’s brief talk in the early part of the season there has never been any real explanation on how common aliens are in this world. I would assume they aren’t common at all.


Back to the Mxy’s story, overall I had a ton of fun watching it but there were a few lower points. Like I said, Mon-El’s contributions were just so boring, but also it was so obvious that when Kara agrees to marry Mxyzptlk the whole thing is a ruse. Mon-El must be a total idiot to not pick up on this. Also the idea of these two guys fighting over what’s best for Kara is such a cliché, sexist thing for this series to do. Yes she ultimately controls her own destiny but she never makes a strong enough statement to balance this out. Then there was that brief appearance from the Parasite, or the phony Parasite. I’m nitpicking here but several of the CG shots are obviously the exact same ones from his last appearance reused against a different background. Most probably won’t notice this but it happens to be a pet peeve of mine. Oh and that “nasty woman” line … was that dig on Trump slipped in there? I can’t decide whether I like that or if it was forced.

Otherwise, Mxyzptlk was a ton of fun. That whole last scene at the Fortress was cheesy but just totally enjoyable. The ice sculpture of Jor-El coming to life and fighting is such an old fashioned adversary, it was a pleasant and entertaining use of a cliché idea. Then having Kara trick Mxy into writing his name backwards was done in a clever and fun way as well.

So overall a fun ride and introduction to what I hope will be a recurring villain in the future. The comics always established Mxyzptlk could return ninety days after being banished, so how much fun would it be to see him pop up from time to time causing trouble? Of course they moved the Mon-El story forward too, ugh. Let’s just get through this season and Mon-El and Jimmy can “move” away to another town.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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