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I sensed a disturbance in the force this week on Supergirl, or I just kept hearing and seeing things that reminded me of Star Wars. Right off the top, the training session with Kara and Mon El used a floating laser shooting ball, much like what Luke trained with. There were also several lines this week that had shades of Lucas to them, J’onn talking about anger leading to hate for example, possibly an accident or just continuing the love fest for the man from Legends of Tomorrow (the most recent episode featured a young George Lucas).

I was glad to see Mon El started his training back up, though the cheap cardboard cutouts are a bit low budget for the DEO don’t you think? Also what about Kara’s Kryptonite training room from season one? Couldn’t they rig up something similar for Mon El so Alex could give him some hand-to-hand training like she did Kara? At least he got some training but Kara is so quick to put him in the field, nowhere near ready.

There were four storylines to focus on this week. The Livewire prison escape/abduction, Mon El trying to prove himself, Jimmy being exposed as Guardian, and M’gann going into a coma. Who could have guessed the unconscious girl would be the most riveting part? So let’s deal with the lesser elements first.


So Jimmy gets shot and freaks out Winn. Why isn’t Winn selling his supposedly bulletproof super thin suits to the government and local police for millions? Well anyway, Winn suddenly realizes Jimmy is in real danger (Duh) and pushes him to tell Kara. Of course Jimmy gets knocked out in the very next Guardian outing and unmasked by Kara. By the way Kara, that was so uncool, you just unmask him like that? Total superhero faux pas. By episode’s end Jimmy gets his ass kicked again, J’onn has scolded Winn, and Kara has threatened to stop Jimmy. Well this took a weird couple of turns. J’onn is oddly low key about the whole thing, even giving Jimmy and Winn props. I still say the best thing they could do with Jimmy is kill him off and give Kara someone to mourn/avenge. This whole plotline is still my least favorite.


Mon El’s story is still a close second in terms of my disdain. This week did little to change that. There was a brief moment or two where he had a line that made me smile, but overall I still think he is a poor man’s Zachary Levi with none of the charm. But his cards finally on the table, Mon El has admitted his feelings for Kara, whoop dee doo. That final scene of their heart to heart was the cheesiest most teeny drama scene this series has ever done. From the bad music to the awkwardness, I thought I was watching Dawson’s Creek for a second. Completely does not fit the normal tone of this show and they need to do away with this plot quick.


Then there was Livewire’s “escape” from prison. Kind of a clever twist having her breakout actually turn out to be an abduction. It made Kara look at her as more than just a villain but also a victim. Though I couldn’t understand how she suddenly was being declared Kara’s nemesis, did I miss something? Livewire is B-grade villain at best. The mad scientist makes Livewire knock off thing was fine, it gave us some fun action scenes but it led nowhere and the scientist’s motivations and character were two dimensional. Between the scientist and Livewire, I felt like I was watching a cartoon. From their tacky dialog and overacting it was kind of fun but almost in a “so bad it’s good” way. Kara’s new angle on Livewire also nicely mirrored another pairing changing a dynamic. J’onn and M’gann.


This is the last part of this episode that we’ll examine and it was by far my favorite. When M’gann first flipped out and went into a coma I thought it would just be a cheap way to get J’onn to forgive her, and that was sort of true. But the way they used it was beautifully acted and wonderfully written. David Harewood is just the MVP of this series, his performance on this episode chilled me to the bone and brought tears to my eyes. His initial cold demeanor and anger over M’gann’s lies and his family’s deaths felt so true. His anger and pain came across as real and soul crushing. Their mental meeting allowed Sharon Leal’s M’gann to have a scene with Harewood that showed off both actors. The heartfelt pouring out of raw emotions between the two was so powerful. This shared pain of survivor’s guilt and being so alone in the world was so well communicated. It just resonated with me so strongly and I can’t wait to see these two actors perform more together.

This episode of Supergirl only supported what I’ve always said about this series. It thrives on the smaller emotional moments. The small action scenes and the emotional heart to hearts. If only we could have these every week but I’m sure the Cadmus storyline and the awful Cyborg story will rear it’s ugly head again in a few weeks. They teased next week being about the White Martians coming for M’gann, this looks and sounds like another opportunity for a fantastic story. These smaller arcs and smaller scope tales give Supergirl opportunities to just have interesting stories instead of trying to be a big action movie. This week had its flaws but the highs were so high. Just that scene between J’onn and M’gann was worth watching the whole thing alone. A great but bumpy return to form.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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