Supergirl fights a virus, and bad writing, in Medusa

The CW

The CW

Supergirl where did you go wrong? Over the last few weeks things have taken such a downturn. While this wasn’t the worst episode of these recent weeks, it wasn’t terribly good either.

I liked Kara’s turkey cooking heat vision, silly and no way it would cook that thing thoroughly without burning it but whatever. Having Alex yelling at Jimmy and Winn for trying to come out as The Guardian when she wanted to come out of the closet at the same dinner? I get what they were going for but it undercuts the importance of Alex’s coming out. Plus after the portal opens and closes, and of course we knew that was Barry, Alex doesn’t try to have her talk again? That doesn’t feel like what this character would do, she doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way.

Oh and award for worst line of dialog ever for this week. When they declare that the Danverses have a tradition of going around the table and saying what they’re thankful for, everyone nods their heads like “wow what a great idea”. Really, are we still pretending this is an original idea? The lines delivery was such that you would think no one had ever suggested it before.

Almost as laughable was Kara declaring she would use her reporting skills to get info from Lena Luthor. She has been a reporter for maybe two months, and in that time we’ve seen her file two stories, both which got torn to shreds and had to be rewritten due to her extreme personal bias. What reporter skills is she talking about? Plus when she actually talks to Lena it is so heavy-handedly trying to get info about Lena’s mother Lena immediately calls and tells her mom that a reporter is investigating her. Yeah, great work Kara, you’re a real pro.

So then Hank Henshaw, the real one, infiltrates the alien bar and sets off a poison bomb. How exactly does Cadmus know about this secret alien refuge so easily? Also, Hank is still wearing that stupid mask. I still have seen no reason why a giant metal faceplate covering a cybernetic section of face makes things any better. It still draws tons of attention and does zero to protect him. Just a cheap way of cutting down on CG for his face. Just have Cadmus fix his fake skin, guys! We don’t need to see a cyborg face to remember he is a cyborg. How about a cybernetic hand instead? Then at least he could wear a glove. That would make more sense than the half a bedpan they have on him now.

The CW

The CW

Mon-El gets his ass handed to him by Hank though. Of course he isn’t killed like the other aliens but just gets severely sick. I never felt any real tension that he might actually die, and saying that Daxam is close enough to Kryptonian DNA to protect him but far enough he could get sick and die makes zero sense. About as much sense as Kara suddenly asking Mon-El if he likes her, so heavy-handed here. If they had built any real rapport then maybe this would play better. But it was only a few weeks ago that Kara hated this guy, and not in a Sam and Diane way either. For her to suddenly be so smitten is yet another giant leap by the writers. And then she kisses him too? They are just desperate to find a love interest for Kara with no regard to chemistry or sense.

So at least Kara is still smart enough to figure out the Fortress came into play, and after fighting off a reprogrammed Kelex, which was far too easy, she gets to the bottom of the virus. Why is her dad programmed into Superman’s Fortress? For convenience seems to be the answer as, of course, it turns out the virus was created by her father. Will coincidences never cease? It could have been an ancestor, or just a random Kryptonian and she would still feel responsible. Who wants to bet her father comes more into play this season, the way her mom’s hologram did last season?

Alex was a big saving grace this week. When she finally gets to have her big heart to heart with her mother it reminded us of the sweet heartwarming show Supergirl can be. They handled the revelation well, her mom pretty much already figuring things out and just waiting for Alex to say the words. The other highlight this week was Maggie and Alex actually getting together. Okay guys, we got them together now let’s see if they can sustain the relationship while staying interesting.

So back to the main plot, Lena successfully tricked her mom by … pretending to be evil, convincing Kara she was going to kill all aliens, and pulling a double-cross? That was a terrible plan. A twist just for the audience’s sake, not for any kind of real motivation. Cyborg fights Kara and J’onn to a standstill, and still insists on calling himself Cyborg Superman. Then Lena’s mom is taken in by the police, so I guess Cadmus is done? No way, I’m sure they will break her out or some other garbage.

The CW

The CW

Things just felt so cheap this entire episode. Like J’onn turning into a White Martian, they just happened on a cure by using the Medusa virus? How utterly convenient. I thought the crossover element might help things this week but it was so short and tagged on the end they might as well not have done it at all.

Yet another week where Supergirl’s writing is dragging the show towards unwatchability and inevitable cancellation. I can’t believe the downward turn they took and continue to take. From such amazing highs to these lows. I can’t see a third season happening unless a change comes soon

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