Supergirl goes to the Darkest Place

The CW

The CW

Supergirl proved one thing this week: you can’t spell Supergirl without P-U. Boy oh boy, did this stink. I think the writers actually went out of their way to suck all the fun out of what is normally a show of nothing but fun.

Right off the bat it starts with a flash forward and then a “24 Hours Earlier.” The starting in the future angle is the absolute most overused trope in television today. Worse, they didn’t even use it for any real sort of effect. The whole point was making us believe that J’onn is somehow going to turn against Kara, but well before the story catches up to the fight it becomes all too obvious the man we see fighting her isn’t the J’onn we know.

Then they cut to this pointless bar scene with circling camera shots that seem to never end. Looks like someone got their first Steadicam, wheeee!!! Just keep spinning, just keep spinning! It just goes on way too long. They even have the balls to make a casual Batman reference during this stupid scene, “My cousin worked with a vigilante with a lot of gadgets before”? Oh don’t you dare pull him into this garbage.

Jimmy got a whole ton of screen time this week too, and that is never a good thing. Facing off with another vigilante who executes people who got off for crimes through technicalities, a few of these action scenes had some half decent fighting, but mostly I just kept humming the Power Rangers theme in my head over and over again. The costumes, the bad dialog, and the random explosions during their big final fight, what the hell was that? I didn’t care about this storyline one bit, and it took focus from our main story. Plus the convenient way Alex and Maggie show up just in time to see Jimmy, I mean “Guardian,” take down the criminal is almost as idiotic as the convenient video angle that frames Jimmy to begin with.

The CW

The CW

Jimmy’s partnership with Winn isn’t working out too well either. Winn freaks out at the first sign of trouble. First he wants to quit altogether and then he outs Jimmy to Alex. Some great sidekick he makes. He stutters and buffoons his way so badly it’s a wonder he ever kept Kara’s secret.

Then there is the J’onn plotline. Finally realizing M’gann is a White Martian, J’onn goes into a rage. The resulting fight should have been epic, but terrible CG just ruined it. I mean SciFi (oops sorry, Syfy now right? Yeah that name change is still horrible) channel level bad effects. Then M’gann tells J’onn her blood is turning him into a White Martian? She knew this the whole time yet still gave him her blood? Why!? Nothing makes sense anymore!

Now one positive that comes out of M’gann’s actions is David Harewood gets downright scary when he demands her to show herself. I positively got goosebumps from it. Unfortunately Harewood also had to play the other role of Hank Henshaw, the real one, still alive and now a cybernetic zealot working for Cadmus.

When the series announced it would be introducing Cyborg Superman into the mix, my only thought was “let it be anyone other than Henshaw.” Yes I know, Henshaw is the villainous character in the comics, but he also is a cloned version of Superman in that version. They could have had Mon-El cloned or corrupted, or even better had Dean Cain be a twisted version of his former self, satisfying the Superman link in a geeky wink and a nod way. The Henshaw as a cyborg part doesn’t bother me, it’s predictable and boring, but what bothers me is he literally calls himself a cyborg Superman.

Again, this makes zero sense. Why would he name himself after someone he hates? And the original character didn’t get named Cyborg Superman, he claimed to be Superman and he was a cyborg. It may seem like semantics but the usage here is another example of terrible writing. Then Cadmus and Henshaw steal Kara’s blood to break into the Fortress? By pouring it on his hand? Is that how biometric security works now? “Oh yes, it must be Kara she placed her giant man sized hand here, covered in her own blood, we must open all of our secrets to her.” Great alien security system there guys.

Also, why is Henshaw wearing a mask? To protect his impervious Cyborg exposed face? With the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover coming later this season I hope they use this stupid mask for a Phantom of the Opera homage. So far, Cyborg Superman has been a huge dud.

The CW

The CW

Going back to the terrible production values, we had random explosions with Jimmy’s battle earlier, there was a similarly inexplicable electrical shorting out when Kara expels all her power into that stupid looking helmet Cadmus had. It is in no way hooked up to anything externally, yet all the lights in the building flicker and spark? Is this some new effect of heat vision now? What is going on with this show? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Then they tease out a love story for Mon-El and Kara? Argh! Did they learn nothing from the flop that was Jimmy/Kara? No chemistry and no reason to root for them to get together, I’m checked out of this romance before it’s started. Even Alex and Maggie had decidedly less chemistry this week. I couldn’t care less about one single plotline, of which there were at least three and arguably five total.

Two last thoughts. Jeremiah saves Kara and then vanishes when she turns away, plus he’s been at Cadmus fifteen years and was able to just break her out that easily? Something else is going on here, psychic projection, ghost, some weird voodoo, there’s more here.

Also Mon-El says the cells they get held in are Nth Metal from Thanagar. For the less nerdy, Thanagar is the planet of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, who were featured on Legends of Tomorrow last year. This would be the first element that has appeared in both “multiverse” dimensions on the CW shows. Just worth pointing that out.

This episode was an utter disaster. Lacking in everything fun about this show while cranking the worst elements to eleven. I can only hope this was a huge misstep and not what we should expect here on out.


What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.

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