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The CW

The CW

An Arctic research facility, an ancient frozen parasite. No we aren’t reviewing The Thing, it’s this week’s episode of Supergirl, “Changing.” The opening scenes are most definitely a nod to John Carpenter’s famous flick, right down to a dog being what brings the alien parasite in contact with humans. Dr. Rudy Jones gets turned into a classic Superman villain, the Parasite.

Right off the bat we obviously know Jones is going to end up bad news, but the DEO shows how dumb it is again. First flying off without Kara, more on that later, Alex and her team find Jones as the only survivor. Everyone else being drained of their life, one survivor, maybe we should scan this guy for signs of abilities or sickness. Nope! We will just drag his butt back to civilization and say have a nice day and be on your way. What could possibly go wrong?

Kara could have easily x-rayed Rudy and seen the alien parasite hiding within but she was too drunk, from one friggin drink! Cause Mon-El is still a dick, he pressures her into downing a shot and somehow this is enough to make her completely sloppy drunk. I guess it must have been some super strong alien ale otherwise this is idiotic even if she was just human. Benoist is not a good drunk, playing up as idiotic and falling over herself. Just an excuse for her not to be involved in the Arctic when so many other excuses would have been better. Plus does she still have a job? She doesn’t go to work once this week. Snapper Carr is not going to be happy.

The CW

The CW

For yet another week on Supergirl, things get really good when Alex’s story takes center stage. Still adjusting to her sexual awakening, Alex reached out to Maggie and got some really good advice: tell your family. Maggie tells her she needs to be honest with those she loves, and trust they will be there for her. Thankfully the writers don’t try and drag this out or have Kara get called away just as she is about to tell her. Instead they let them have a quiet personal moment to have a real conversation.

Alex and Kara’s talk has a real feel to it. Natural and awkward in an appropriate way. Also they were brave enough to make Kara imperfect. She doesn’t say exactly the right thing when Alex comes out, she says what she hopes is the right thing. Her response is clunky and evolves as they speak. Kara relates her own hiding of true self and feels guilt for possibly being a catalyst for Alex not accepting herself. It’s a heavy conversation and it feels real, as real as an alien talking to her super spy sister can get.

Alex goes for it with Maggie afterwards, jumping in for her new first kiss. Maggie has the good sense to tell Alex the reality. Everything is new to Alex right now and any relationship she starts now is not likely to last. Alex takes this as a rejection and is heartbreakingly devastated. I read it differently. I heard she’s learning to crawl and Maggie is an Olympic sprinter, but Maggie will run with her once she gets to that point. I see no universe in which these two end up together but this was a mature intelligent response from Maggie, let Alex keep figuring out herself, before she jumps into a serious relationship.

The CW

The CW

So that was the good, now for the bad. Mon-El and Jimmy. God I hate these two. Mon-El works for a bookie as muscle this week. After Kara and Alex read him the riot act he eventually helps against the parasite but it feels hollow. Plus he stinks at being a hero. They are going to have to go a long way to redeem him at this point and this doesn’t even come close. Then there’s Jimmy, oh I mean Guardian now. Outfitted by Winn in a super suit, Jimmy also helps against Parasite, if being a punching bag distraction counts. With no real training and no powers Jimmy is fully dependent on Winn’s suit.

By the way, if Winn can make a suit to turn Jimmy into a hero, why isn’t he outfitting the entire DEO with the damn things? No, instead a photographer with a god complex is more deserving. Also it appears the two of them will be going out in the field together from here on out. How are they supposed to hide that from Kara? Such a waste of a storyline.

Hmm, so all that happened, Cadmus snatched up Mon-El, am I missing something? Oh yeah, the giant purple monster. The Parasite’s CG effects looked passable but not terribly impressive. Similarly when J’onn and Kara get drained the effect on their faces looks cartoonish. Kara thinking that plutonium will overload his energy draining is taking a big risk. What if he just got that much more powerful? How the hell does she know it would blow him up? Also M’gann gives J’onn a blood transfusion, even though she is secretly a different breed of Martian. One of the last things we see is J’onn’s hand shaking, could he be having a bad reaction to her blood? I’m sure this will be explored in the weeks to come.

When all said and done, a pretty good episode of Supergirl. Not the strongest, and without Alex and some fun action this could have easily been a dud. Mon-El and Jimmy just keep dragging things down. They’re dead weight on a show that we’ve seen fly so high.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.

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