Supergirl gets caught in the Crossfire

The CW

The CW

Wow. What the heck was going on this week? So many storylines and almost none of them good. Dealing with Mon-El trying to join human society should have been a slam dunk, so why was it so damn painful to watch? It started well, Kara getting him nerded up, argyle sweater and glasses, you know, the superhero disguise kit. I liked them showing Kara cut his hair with heat vision, something Superman uses to cut his own hair in the comics too. After all, impenetrable skin, impervious hair right?

Mon-El is just turning out to be such a total douche, devoid of likability and more of a spoiled entitled brat. Miss Tessmacher’s crush could have just been played as a funny unwanted advance. For a change of pace Mon-El decides, instead, to take advantage, using her credit cards, pawning off his workload, and trying to have sex with her in the office. Now if they used this to teach him a lesson that would have been one thing, but he never even acknowledges that he did something wrong. To Mon-El women are just there to please him. I hope, hope beyond hope, that the writers are setting him up to be an ongoing lesson, s show about strong women having to teach the world’s biggest chauvinist. If that is where they’re heading then thumbs up, I approve. But based solely on this episode, I kind of hate this dude.

The CW

The CW

The main plot this week concerned a gang of petty criminals, outfitted with alien tech by Cadmus, robbing banks and causing problems for the Girl of Steel. The whole conceit of this plot is based on Kara, and us, forgetting how powerful she is. How the hell does Kara let these bozos get the drop on her multiple times? Plus where is J’onn during all this? A thug with a gun can fight off Supergirl? Umm, super speed? This was just sloppy writing.

In fact sloppy is probably being too nice. The number of coincidences and conveniences that happened was frustrating. Lena Luthor comes to Catco to find Kara, even though she doesn’t work there anymore, so why did she think she’d find her there? Also why is a billionaire tracking someone down on foot? We have cell phones guys! Then when Kara has to pull a “Doubtfire” at Lena’s party to show Kara and Supergirl at the same party, this is where J’onn should have come into play again. You have a shapeshifter, come on!

Then there was Jimmy. Why? Jimmy is going to be a superhero … ugh. After getting his ass kicked trying to take on this week’s thugs, Winn decides to help him by making a suit. Unless it’s Iron Man’s suit I don’t think it will make much difference. Unless … maybe this is how Jimmy dies, in the line of duty! Cross your fingers! But all I could think of as Jimmy fought this week was he was a weak tea version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Casey Jones.

When things were all said and done we see Cadmus’s leader murder the thugs she equipped to prevent them from talking. This whole plan was dumb. I see no way this would have done anything worthwhile for Cadmus. It did lead to some fun interaction between Lena and Winn, some nerd love in store for these two maybe? Then we find out that Cadmus is run by … Lena’s mother! More mommy issues and more Luthors, meh.

The CW

The CW

The one plotline I haven’t touched on yet was the bright shining spot this week. The ongoing flirtation between Alex and Maggie continues to be one of the strongest elements this season. The look of pure giddy joy on Alex’s face on finding out Maggie’s girlfriend broke up with her was adorable. But they moved on from vague flirtation to, possibly, significant realization. Alex has started to wake up to her own desires. After spending years confused or convinced that she is merely frigid, the revelation that she may have been living a lie all this time was handled beautifully. Her speech to Kara about forcing people into a box to make others happy was just subtle enough not to be heavy-handed, yet direct enough to be clear.

Also kudos to the writers for not having her change like a light switch and just start making out with Maggie. Their heart-to-heart felt real with Maggie recognizing Alex’s difficulty in verbalizing what she has discovered and not pushing her on it. This storyline is being handled beautifully and the two actresses’ chemistry just elevates the material to another level. Their sexual tension is through the roof and this subplot was the one shining light in this mess of an episode.

With the Superman villain Parasite teased for next week, along with the showrunners announcing Cyborg Superman as a villain later (Dean Cain please!), there’s a lot to look forward to. This week, aside from Alex of course, was a misstep for Supergirl. Mon-El as a jerk, Cadmus with no real plan, Jimmy, all off-putting and devoid of the usual fun. Let’s hope this is the exception and not the new normal.


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