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The CW

The CW

This week’s Supergirl, “Survivor,” was about people making connections, finding purpose and camaraderie in this world. Nicely weaving together the newly earthbound Daxamite, Mon-El, as well as Miss Martian’s storylines. There was a nice symmetry to the two plotlines showing how two groups of survivors view their situations.

On the one side you have J’onn, thrilled to have found a fellow Martian, reaching out to bond (literally) with M’gann. I’m curious to see if the general public understands exactly what they saw here this week. While on the surface M’gann appears to have survivors guilt, it’s revealed by the final moments of the episode that her guilt comes from the fact she is actually not a green Martian like J’onn, but instead a white Martian, the race that wiped out J’onn’s people.

Now I knew this going in because I’m a big comic book geek but the reveal was handled visually and with some hints as M’gann relays a story of meeting a white Martian who decided not to kill. As much as I appreciate the subtlety, many people probably aren’t really sure of her identity as we haven’t seen a white Martian since last year.

On the other side of the survivors plots, we have Mon-El. Instead of the new addition being the resistant one like with the Martians, here Kara is the apprehensive one. Pulling back from a person who, while from an adversarial planet to Krypton, shares so much with her in both background and pain.

Mon-El did make one quick connection, a bromance with Winn. I really enjoyed the way Mon appealed to his geeky side, offering Winn the chance to design a super suit for him and give him his hero name. Then their fun bar outing was a cute little bonding sequence. Even though by the end Kara has warmed up to Mon more, I hope he has a lot more interactions with Winn moving forward. They have good chemistry and it gives Winn a bit more purpose than he currently has.

The CW

The CW

Also making a connection this week was the coupling so strongly telegraphed last week, Alex and Maggie, who from now on should be shipped as … I dunno, Malex? Maybe Algie? No those are horrible, but I’m definitely pulling for them to get together. As I’ve said before, the two of them had immediate chemistry although the writers threw in an already existing girlfriend for Maggie that feels like an artificial hurdle for the two to find each other. There ain’t no way these two don’t end up together and that’s a good thing. They not only have good chemistry, they had a kickass little action scene together too. Some well done choreography and well cut sequences added some action without Kara being involved in the slightest.

The CW

The CW

In fact Kara’s action this week was the more disappointing side of things. Dealing with an underground alien fight club, Kara initially gets her ass absolutely handed to her. In a brief and unconvincing fight, Kara is too easily dispatched then later after getting a tip from Mon-El she basically wins against the same alien with a single blow. How is it the humans have better fight scenes in a Supergirl show?

The CW

The CW

That underground fight club was run by Roulette, an alluring young woman who gets out of police custody through powerful alliances I’m sure will come into play later. Played by Dichen Lachman, an actress no stranger to genre television, having had a pivotal role on Agents of SHIELD as well as having been amazing on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, Lachman is a welcome addition to the cast and I hope we get to see plenty more from her later this year.

So overall this was another super solid episode for the series. Kara continued to learn what it is to be a reporter, though citing her alter ego as a source feels like a bad move. Why bring attention to a connection between yourself and your alias? Isn’t that just inviting people to figure out your identity? Also Lena Luthor continues to be a mystery. Does she know more about Kara than she’s letting on? Oh and for the comic initiated how cool was Mon-El’s War World name drop? Could this lead to Superman’s classic villain Mongul coming to the series down the line? Or was this just a nod to the truly geeky members of the audience? Either way this fan appreciates it.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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