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The CW

The CW

DC Comics has always had a love of bringing back former stars for cameos. The Flash has appearances from Mark Hamill and John Wesley Shipp. Smallville had everyone from Christopher Reeve to Teri Hatcher. Now Supergirl has added another former star to its roster. Appearing as the president, Lynda Carter has made her way back to the DC universe. The former Wonder Woman star’s appearance was heavily pushed leading up to this new season.

I have to say I was greatly disappointed by her cameo. I can only hope that she is going to return more this season, otherwise this seems like a huge waste of time, or actually a short waste of time. When it was all said and done Miss Carter barely had any lines and amounted to little more than a damsel in distress. Now seeds were sown that could lead to a more important and expanded role down the line. The president’s alien amnesty program could offer some new and interesting plots for later this season. Plus the teaser of the president’s alien heritage could go in a lot of different directions.

It also raises a lot of questions. Like does this mean the president is an alien who has been on earth far longer than Kara and her cousin? If so, why is she on earth? Or did an alien merely steal the president’s identity? Yes, there are tons of possibilities if they want to go down that road, but if they don’t follow this thread and this was merely a cute tag to the story? Then a complete wasted opportunity.

On to the rest of the episode, there was still plenty to enjoy here. Seeing Kara geeking out so hard over meeting President Marsdin was great. Melissa Benoist rides that wholesomely adorable line so well as usual. I did find it odd that when the alien attack happens, Kara goes above the crowd to try and spot the attacker, leaving Marsdin to fend for herself as her Secret Service detail gets knocked out one by one. Very out of character for Kara not to save people first. I’ll chalk it up to some sloppy script writing this time.

I also enjoyed seeing a bit more from Snapper Carr as Kara’s new boss. Loved seeing him put Jimmy in his place, enjoyed it less when Jimmy later stood up for himself. I know I harp on the Jimmy hate train too much but I just think he’s pointless on this show. Also good on Snapper for making Kara rewrite her biased story. I like that they are keeping her feet to the fire and exploring what a real journalist needs to be.

The CW

The CW

The whole escaped “Kryptonian” thing was just a big red herring and obviously so. That was a bit disappointing. Hopefully Mon-El becomes something more interesting as the season progresses. Other than a misdirect his only other purpose was to show how prejudiced Kara was against Daxamites, another very out of character thing for her. With so many powered aliens on the team it’s going to be hard to balance stories for the normal human characters on the team too.

The CW

The CW

In fact that makes it so much stranger that they chose to add another human character to the roster. Maggie Sawyer, a cop with a soft spot for aliens, was the newest addition. Aside from her pro alien stance, Maggie is also a prominent lesbian character from the comics and it appears they are carrying that through to her live action rendition. She and Alex had great chemistry this episode and it seems obvious that they’re setting them up as a couple. I can’t remember if they’ve ever directly dealt with Alex’s sexuality so it will be interesting whether they frame this as her having always been a lesbian or if they go with a route of self discovery. Either way if they have the same spark we saw hints of here, this could be the interesting romantic subplot that Kara and Jimmy never became.

J’onn looks to be getting his character fleshed out a bit more this season too. Going to that alien bar and being able to let down his guard is nice and I’d like to see more of him interacting with other aliens. The reveal of Miss Martian should give plenty of fodder for his story. Finding out that he is no longer the last of his kind should give tons of story possibilities.

A few other things to note this week:

  • Alex’s magic transforming badge? Isn’t that a blatant rip off of Doctor Who’s psychic paper?
  • Where’s this Lena Luthor stuff heading? First she seems like she’s okay, now she has alien tracking technology and a big anti alien agenda?
  • Also we never really find out what Fire Girl’s agenda against the president was, that whole storyline just sort of fizzled out.

Kind of a disappointment overall this week. While the setup for later plotlines was strong, the main plot was boring and very “Monster of the Week.” Seems like Supergirl is falling into that same pre-sweeps slump so many series see.


What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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