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The CW

The CW

This week’s Supergirl, “The Last Children of Krypton”, very much continued the premiere’s soft reset to the series and set up the season going forward. The most obvious thing being Calista Flockhart’s exit from the series, at least as a regular.

Her goodbye was bittersweet and had as many highs as it did lows. First what didn’t work. Jimmy. Why is it so often when I have gripes with this series it has to do with Jimmy Olsen? It’s been announced he will take up the street vigilante mantle of The Guardian later this year. Add to that this week’s revelation that Cat promoted him to acting head of CatCo? The writers obviously have no idea what to do with his character. He didn’t work as a love interest so just smash him into two other roles. Just give up on him already and send his butt back to Metropolis. Not only is he severely under-qualified, but now Jimmy Olsen is arguably more successful professionally than Clark Kent or Lois Lane? Just annoying.

Introducing Snapper Carr as Kara’s new boss was fine, though he came off a bit two dimensional. Like a bad Perry White impression, I hope we get a little growth and depth from him as the season moves onward. Though having him challenge Kara’s claim to a reporter job and Cat telling her to grow up and stand on her own was a good lesson, both for Kara and any young person watching. You can’t just get opportunity handed to you, you have to earn it. Though she does end up earning it, does Kara think five hundred words is really an impressive paper? Most news articles average double that, long-form articles quadruple. The writers should have known that.

The biggest hit and the biggest miss of Cat Grant’s exit were oddly mirrored events of one another. Where Kara’s heartfelt goodbye was one of their best interactions to date, Supergirl’s felt tacked on and unnecessary. If nothing else they should have had Kara go second so the juxtaposition would be on how close her mild mannered persona had grown with Cat and how her heroic identity had never been anything to Cat. Even though they made it obviously clear that Cat would be showing up from time to time, the goodbye from Kara still hit strong. One of the most emotional moments for these characters and a surprising show of emotion from Cat while still feeling in character. You really got the impression that she feels like a mom to Kara and this is her final push out of the nest.

The other big departure was that of Superman. We knew he wouldn’t be hanging around long, and you can be sure we’ll see him again throughout the season, but Clark has packed his bags of Kryptonite and headed back to Metropolis. I thought the way they handled him was really perfect and left a lot of good material to work through in the future.

The CW

The CW

The team-ups between the Kryptonian kiddies was a joy to watch and seeing Big Blue finally set aside his differences with J’onn was really fun and hopefully a sign of more to come. Clark’s “if bullets don’t work why the punching” line was just the right amount of cheesy for the character.

Another thing I hope they explore more is Kara’s familial connection to Clark. As much as she felt at home around him, there are issues there. Alex brings up how he abandoned her to their family and she’s not wrong. Alex and her family gave up a lot to protect Kara and where was Clark all that time?

These kind of smart questions that have grey answers are good for drama and good writing. Instead of making the DEO’s Kryptonite and Clark’s anger one sided, they wisely brought up the Kryptonian threat from last year. But on the flip side they kept the theft of Kryptonite a secret from Kara for four months.

The CW

The CW

Heck even Winn has become more tolerable. His giddiness and fear over Supes and J’onn possibly fighting was a fanboy moment. Then his utter joy at designing protection suits was a full on Cisco moment from The Flash. By the way, the protection “suit”? Totally sucked. Design, how it worked, the whole thing was just a terrible misstep.

All that and two Metallos made this a jam-packed episode. The effects on Metallo were well done though not mind blowing. I did love Kara melting the skin off his hand down to the exoskeleton. Overall though the Metallo/Cadmus stuff was underwhelming. Everyone got some cool action out of it but aside from Cadmus coming out of the shadows it didn’t move their story forward much.

Continuing the strong start from last week, this episode had heart, action, and fun coming out the ying yang. While there were a couple of stumbles, overall this was a great episode. Supergirl is starting to give The Flash a run for best DC series on TV.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below.


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