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The CW

The CW

After an unsure first season and a move down the street to The CW, Supergirl returned for its second season this week. Picking up right where we left off, Kara finding another alien, possibly a Kryptonian. This cliffhanger got shoved to the back burner for most of the episode to make way for a different addition that was way overdue … Superman!

Listening to, well, just about every single person who watched the first season, Supergirl wisely chose to bring Superman on the series as an actual flesh and blood human being. No more red streaks, silhouettes, or any other gimmicky crap for the big blue Boy Scout’s non appearances. Played by Tyler Hoechlin, this series introduces the Man of Steel in the perfect way, as Clark Kent. First let me say I prefer Tyler’s Clark over his Superman. He really got a good hook on being a hard-nosed reporter while still being a bumbling doofus. His Superman though is, okay. I buy it but I need to see him being a little more heroic before I can make a final call.

Having a space shuttle crash be the first disaster the Super cousins divert together was perfect. Airplane crashes and shuttle crashes have become the traditional first outing for the hero. The two actors worked together beautifully. While feeling fresh and new there was still a familiarity between them. The scene where they go to greet kids was just adorkable and the right amount of cheesiness. One big pet peeve I had with this Superman though is the costume. While for the most part it’s fine, except the cape. Actually not even the whole cape, just where it attaches. Having these giant thick straps that clip on the shoulders with a gold clip almost ruins the look of the iconic suit. Just a terrible design piece to an otherwise well done costume.

Alright so Big Blue was a good addition, what else has changed this season? Moving the DEO headquarters to the city made a whole lot of sense. Make it easier for Kara’s super and normal personae to have more interaction. Plus talking about moving to a more convenient location was a little nod to the show’s move from CBS to The CW. I had actually expected to notice more changes to the series’ aesthetics with the move but everything still seems pretty in line with what the first season had, even the CG was still pretty solid after the much talked about budget cuts.

The CW

The CW

I can already see the writing on the wall with Cat Grant though. It’s been no secret that Calista Flockhart’s role will be severely cut back this season due to both the filming location changing and the budgetary restraints. Cat making several speeches about diving into new challenges with those lingering looks were some heavy-handed setup for her exit as a series regular. My guess? She decides to move to whatever city her children live in to be a better mom, while occasionally coming back to visit and check in with Kara. Probably at least once per sweeps period and with all of her scenes being contained to one location each time. I’m already sad that we’ll be losing her week to week because she gave another fantastic inspirational speech to Kara. The dynamic their relationship has will be hard to replace. I only hope they try to give her a new dynamic with her upcoming new boss rather than just shoehorn someone else into the same mentor role.

We also added a Luthor to the show, no not Lex but his adopted sister Lena. Though Winn gave a great Lex shout out that I absolutely loved, geeking out on Superman and asking about Lex’s California earthquake scheme, I love me some geeky references. Back to Lena though, she may have been presented here as a misunderstood but well meaning member of the Luthor clan but does anyone believe this? Is there any way that she will actually stay on the up and up? It would be a nice surprise to not have her betray Kara and company but I ain’t betting on it.

John Corben/Metallo got introduced in this episode, as well as reintroducing Cadmus. I liked Corben’s story as an assassin, one of my biggest complaints last year was that the large-scale world ending stuff was just way too boring and that this series worked best when dealing with smaller localized problems. Now an assassin who tries to topple a skyscraper is still pretty damn big but it’s not the end of the world or humanity as we know it. This size story actually worked very well. I think this should be our scale from here on out. From cats in trees to buildings collapsing, that’s the area where Supergirl should stay inside.

Kara also quickly put the kibosh on her relationship with Jimmy. Did the writers actually read my reviews last season? Because so far in one episode they addressed almost every single thing I took issue with last year. Thank god Jimmy/Kara isn’t a thing anymore. Maybe we can ship him back to Metropolis now and get a more interesting sidekick. Oh, and Winn working with the DEO now, I called that too! This is getting eerie.

The only unnecessary piece I found was this arbitrary beef between Superman and Martian Manhunter. I guess it makes sense that Clark is mad they keep Kryptonite but why is J’onn so mad? Feels like an artificial hurdle placed there so they can have a moment down the line and become super friends.

Overall though, I loved this premiere. It literally addressed every concern I previously had, reset things for the uninitiated, and managed to keep Kara the star without having her cousin overshadow her. Obviously Superman pulled some focus for his big intro but this still feels like her show not his. A great start to the second season and with a four-way crossover with the other DC series as well as a musical special in the works, this season looks to be a super one!

What did you think of this “rebooted” Supergirl? Tell us in the comments below.


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