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New on Blu-ray and DVD, Storks is the story of where babies really come from: Storks of course! Or at least they used to. After switching their company to package delivery for years, a crazy mix-up sends one up-and-coming stork named Junior and his human companion Tulip on an adventure to deliver a baby and get Junior his dream job as boss.

Featuring the voice talents of Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, among many others, Storks‘ talent pool screams, “I need something for my kids/grandkids/nephews/nieces to watch.” The type of project that checks off that kid friendly box every actor wants at least one or two of.

The film itself is … narrowly aimed. If you are a child under eight, or the parent of one, then this film is for you. Lacking the broad appeal of Disney, or even Dreamworks films, Storks took a specific aim at being loud and shiny for young children. The cinematic equivalent of jingling your keys. Now that might seem insulting but sometimes you need distraction material for young kids, and this does a fine job of doing that. Very nicely animated, this isn’t one of those cheaply made kids films. Fun music, lots of physical comedy, bright simple scenery, this one is tailor made to be simple.

Some of the plot and story points are a bit dumb. Now I know a movie about Storks is going to have some logic gaps, but they don’t seem to understand their own logic. Wolves form boats and other objects with their bodies, some birds talk and work while others chirp and are used as golf balls. There is no rhyme or reason. Also a warning to parents, the film establishes that while Storks did bring babies at one point, there are “many other way to get babies.” When a young boy asks his parents what other ways there are, the parents just laugh him off. This could raise questions from your own little ones so be prepared.

Some cute jokes are in there for parents too but mostly having to do with what it’s like to deal with a baby from a parent’s view, not exactly a broadly appealing subject matter. Like I said, they know exactly who is going to watch this, kids and their parents. A few moments come across as oddly mean in tone but for the most part Storks is a cute little film that will buy you ninety minutes of peace and quiet.

The Blu-ray includes the following Special Features:

  • Commentary track: God knows why you would want one for this film but they include one. Oh and it features only behind the scenes people on the film, no actors.
  • Storks: A Guide to Your New Baby: A cute two minute short about the basics of baby care.
  • The Master: A Lego Ninjago Short: Again another cute short, this one five minutes long, typical Lego animated goodness.
  • Storks: Kiss the Sky Music Video: Just footage from the film cut into a music video.
  • Deleted Scenes: Animatics. Your kids won’t have any interest in these.
  • Outtakes: Two minutes of fake outtakes probably worth a laugh from your little ones.

While not a bare bones release, half of this material is unlikely to hold any interest and the rest might be worth a once through. Storks is available now on HD Digital, Blu-ray, 4K and DVD. A good addition for any family with a little one.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment generously provided Hotchka with a Blu-ray copy of the film for reviewing purposes.

Warner Bros. Pictures


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