Larry David can’t save a lame SNL


Paul Manafort’s House Cold Open

With all the political news this week, it was unavoidable that Alec Baldwin would return as Trump but this time it was actually funny thanks to the situation of Trump popping in to talk to Paul Manafort while Melania, and the rest of the world, thought he was in Asia (and sweet cameo from Otto the Auto Pilot from Airplane! as Trump’s stand-in). There was a weird snafu when no one seemed to know where they were supposed to be when the camera cut back to Manafort’s home, but they recovered. Things got pretty funny when Trump insisted they take a shower together to prove Manafort wasn’t wearing a wire and then some more visitors popped in. It was silly and absurd but it was funny, so perhaps we’re in for a treat this week!


Larry David Standup Monologue

And then Larry David came out. WTF? Usually comedians who have done stand-up kill the monologue, and Larry has done a good job in the past, but this one was an uneven mess that had the audience perplexed. One minute he’s telling a story about working as a chauffer for a blind woman and then he’s talking about how picky he used to be about women, going right into a riff on Quasimodo and segueing into how upset he is that most of the recent sexual predators are Jewish which somehow led into how awkward it must have been to pick up women in concentration camps. Again, WTF? The audience was as bewildered as Larry seemed to be.


The Price Is Right Celebrity Edition

Things picked back up a bit here with celebrities helping regular contestants bid on a washing machine. The celebs included Lil Wayne (Chris Redd), Tilda Swinton (Kate McKinnon), Chris Hemsworth (Alex Moffat) – with the real Liam Hemsworth popping in to help (since Miley Cyrus was playing the contestant), and Bernie Sanders (David, of course). Tony Bennett (Baldwin) and Ariana Grande (Melissa Villasenor) were waiting at the Big Wheel, Drew Carey (Beck Bennett) hosted and Sofia Vergara (Cecily Strong) was the guest announcer. Everyone got to do a bit of comedy, and Strong was hilarious. But, as usual, it just went on too long and ran out of steam.


Press Conferrence

In a pre-taped bit, Aidy Bryant returned as Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a White House press conference that found her daydreaming herself into a music video doing her own variation on Demi Lovato’s “Confident”. Bryant has Sanders’ mannerisms down but the bit just wasn’t funny.


Career Retrospective

Larry David plays an ad exec being honored by the AdCouncil for his long career which featured highlights from his early years in the 80s when he produced a number of PSAa aimed at teens about smoking, drinking and making fun of handicapped people. The laughs came from the hilariously inappropriate tag lines on the ads that just don’t work today. A fairly funny sketch thanks to the pre-taped stuff (and nice work on making those pieces look like old 80s video).


The Baby Step

In another pre-taped bit, rappers Soft Spot (Pete Davidson), Heavy Diaper (Chris Redd), One-Z (Kenan Thompson) and Baby Snatch (Miley Cyrus) dress as rapper babies and perform a pretty funny music video interrupted by Larry David insisting he will not be appearing in it, especially when they attempt to put a baby bonnet on him. There is a great moment between him and Kenan as well. I have to say I did chuckle at this one.



Weekend Update

This week’s WU made barely a mention of the terror attack in New York City, instead focusing on the usual – the Mueller indictments, Manafort, Trump’s tweets, the GOP tax plan and Trump’s Asian trip. I think there was a joke about sexual assault that almost had the audience booing, but both Jost and Che made at least one good point about Trump’s behavior that hit home. This week’s edition was also loaded with guests. Erik and Donald Jr. stopped by to deflect, a new character was introduced (Angel, every boxer’s girlfriend in every boxing movie) — and hopefully it was a one-off because this bit will get real tire, real quick — and Leslie Jones dropped by to talk about her newfound love of baseball, with a few surprise guests popping in. Mostly all of the Jost/Che stuff is great so why do they have to interrupt them with all of these guests? You never see that on a real news show!


Fresh Takes

Not much to say about this, a morning high school talk show to kick off the day with Mikey Day, Moffat, and McKinnon as fellow students and Larry David as a gossipy teacher … with some really inappropriate dirt on some students. Not even a live press conference from the school nurse (Leslie Jones) or sponsor ads could make this one funny.


New Wife

This seemed like one of those end of the night sketches that’s really indescribable, even though it had a few moments of brilliance, mostly thanks to Cecily Strong as Candice, some kind of gay club personality who just married a lawyer played by Larry David. The two of them having to spout out all kinds of gay lingo was funny enough, but something happened and Larry just lost it towards the end of the sketch and then it became a game of who would be the next to crack. You can see it in their faces.



One last pre-taped bit and it looks like they’ve let Kyle Mooney loose again because this has his fingerprints all over it. A riff on bad 80s sitcoms, the family ones that always tried to teach a lesson, two brothers are going for a bike ride and need their cousin CJ to come over and feed the fish (just how long is this bike ride). But CJ is a beer addict and things go horribly wrong, but like a sitcom it’s all fixed at the end. This was, to be blunt, a terrible end to a not at all great week.



Miley Cyrus

Miley was this week’s musical guest — and guest performer — and she turned out her latest songs “Bad Mood” and “I Would Die for You”. I really liked “Bad Mood” just because it was a bit more lively than the ballady second song, but the one thing you can say about her is that she can really belt out a song. And I liked that she dressed in black for the first number and white for the second. She definitely gets an A for the performances if not for the song choices.


This week, save for a very few bright moments, was a real bust. I hoped Larry David would bring more laughs than he did and he really got off on the wrong foot with that monologue. Once again, the pre-taped stuff was a lot funnier than anything that was done live. Let’s hope they let Tiffany Haddish from Girls Night really cut loose next week.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below!


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