Melissa McCarthy takes the fifth on Saturday Night Live


Lester Holt Cold Open

With one of the craziest week’s so far under the real Trump presidency, capped with a surreal interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, it was inevitable that Alec Baldwin would return for the Cold Open to mock that interview. It’s hard to make something funny that’s already bizarre in and of itself, but Baldwin and Michael Che pulled this one off. Best parts are Holt getting Trump to confess to firing Comey over the Russia investigation … but it didn’t matter, Trump’s Nixonian gestures and his defining his “newly coined” phrase “priming the pump,” which earned an Anderson Cooper eye roll. Pretty good stuff to kick off the night.


Melissa McCarthy’s Mother’s Day Monologue

McCarthy returns to the SNL stage for the fifth time but this being Mother’s Day weekend, she ditched a normal monologue and selected one mom from the audience for a never-before-seen backstage tour of the studio, meeting the Hallway Llama (but no showgirls) and … Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who said McCarthy invited them but she denied it. It was a fun little piece and no one sang!


Just Desserts!

The usual post-monologue game show spoof which was just an excuse to abuse McCarthy. The “game” was similar to the Press Your Luck board where squares light up and a contestant says “stop.” Whatever square they land on, they get a prize or a penalty. All the penalties went to McCarthy’s Marcy character for some reason, getting hit in the face time after time with pies and cakes. They same comedy is funny in threes, but this joke ran out sooner than the sketch did. Probably the only misstep of the night.


Amazon Echo

A very funny commercial for the new Amazon Echo Silver edition, made for people of a certain age. You know, those “old folks” who just can’t grasp technology. The Silver Edition will respond to any name, because who can remember Alexa, and even comes with an “uh huh” feature for long stories. This one really tickled my funny bone.


Sean Spicer Returns

We knew Spicey was making a comeback tonight after seeing the video of McCarthy and the podium rolling through the streets of New York this week, and now we know why. The sketch started with Sarah Huckabee Sanders (a terrific Aidy Bryant) heading the press briefing while Spicer was away … hiding in the bushes. Once spotted he took over and was his usual irritated self answering questions, pulling out a series of hilarious Russian nesting dolls and then getting floored when it was suggested his friend Trump was lying to him. That’s when Spicey took to the streets of New York to find the president (who was at his golf club in New Jersey, of course), and the sketch ended with a bit of pathos as Spicer confronted Trump. Could this be the last we see of Spicey?



Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che had a lot of political material to work with this week, from Trump’s erratic behavior to his staff not being able to keep up with his constantly changing reasons for firing Comey. Sarah Huckabee Sanders also got a little zing for her “basic atrocities” comment, leading to the joke that she also gets her wardrobe from Basic Atrocities. There was some really biting and funny stuff this week. Pete Davidson made an appearance to talk about what it’s like getting and being sober and participating in horse therapy at rehab (make sure you’re not allergic to horses first), and then Cecily Strong returned as the babbling Cathy Anne. This character usually grates my nerves because I barely understand what she’s say, but this time there was an obvious attempt to make her more sane than usual as she tried to explain what’s happening in DC. It actually ended up being some brilliant commentary on the madness.


Film Panel

We’ve been here before with two respected actresses and loony old-timer Debette Goldry (Kate McKinnon). This time she was joined by Gaye Fontaine (McCarthy) to talk about their experiences in the golden era of Hollywood. This is usually McKinnon’s spot, and she did steal a few moments as the two talked about removing half of their ribs to get a part in a movie, but McCarthy really shined with a new character in her repertoire.


Kyle and Leslie

Damn you, Kyle Mooney. There you go making yourself all endearing again with another look into the “relationship” with Leslie Jones. In this installment we find out they’re married and have a child, little Lorne, but with Leslie always working on the show while Kyle has wordless cameos in sketches, it’s putting a strain on the relationship. Can these two lovebirds make it? Another really well-done piece that take a briefly shocking turn where Colin Jost is concerned.


First Birthday

I feel like we’ve seen this sketch before. A group of women welcome the new neighbor and have some bizarre ritual to introduce. This time it was finding your mom animal (or as most people call it, spirit animal). It was odd but Vanessa Bayer saved things with her description of choosing her mom animal, and Leslie Jones was hilarious with her “I’m an angel” … while no one ever questioned why her animal was an angel. This was typical end of night weirdness.


Production Logo

Even more weird was the last sketch about a film company hiring the man who said he designed the DreamWorks logo … “said” being the operative word. Presenting a series of logo idea that gave McCarthy a chance to do a host of awful things, none of which had to do with the company’s namesake, a lighthouse, this one ended weakly but McCarthy was funny.



Haim returned to SNL for their second appearance and the sisters performed “I Want You Back” and “Little of Your Love” from their new album due out in July. To me, they have a pleasant, poppy sound but nothing memorable or anything I’d rush out to buy.


5-Timers Goodnights & Credits

This is usually the part of the show where the host says what a great time they had and it all cuts off before the end credits finish rolling. This time was a little different as Steve Martin strolled out to surprise McCarthy with her very own 5-Timers jacket. She seemed genuinely surprised, especially since Alec Baldwin said Martin told him not to wear his, but if they did this in dress rehearsal McCarthy is a terrific actress because she looked genuinely touched. It was a good end to a pretty good show.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments below!


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