Predicting the 2016 Lead Actors in Comedy and Drama Series Emmy winners



Welcome to Part Five of our Emmy Awards countdown.

Part One of the series featured the judging criteria and which shows would win Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Comedy Series.

Part Two featured the predictions in the categorries of Best Animated Series, Limited Series, Variety Sketch Series and Variety Talk Series.

Part Three featured the predictions in the categorries of Outstanding Actors and Actresses in Limited Series or TV Movies.

Part Four featured the predictions in the categorries of Supporting Actors and Actresses in Drama and Comedy Series.

In the final edition of the Emmy predictions, we’ll look at who will win for Outstanding Lead Actors and Actresses in Comedy and Drama Series.


The nominees are:

  • Kevin Spacey – House of Cards: This guy could win it, the voters love those famous movie stars. He’s good in the show, no question on that, but the show wasn’t its best this season.
  • Rami Malek – Mr. Robot: What a great performance, unlike anything else on TV. A very brave one too.
  • Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul: A great actor, finally getting some due after many, many years without recognition. A very strong second season from him.
  • Matthew Rhys – The Americans: Finally! I mean he won’t win, but what a great performance.
  • Kyle Chandler – Bloodline: Another great actor, but a very boring show. It’s Netflix and Kyle Chandler, that’s why he’s nominated.
  • Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan: Another movie guy doing TV on a premium network, although Ray Donovan isn’t really that great, but I kinda like it. Liev Schreiber does have a very interesting, physically impressive performance.


This year I say Rami Malek takes the big prize.

Who should win: I can’t be mad about Rami Malek.

Who shouldn’t win: Liev Schreiber isn’t as good as the top dogs here.

Who might squeak by: Matthew Rhys is new to the category which could be good for him.

Who shouldn’t even have been nominated: Kevin Spacey had a weak season.

Who wuz robbed: This year I can only think of Justin Theroux from The Leftovers.


The nominees are:

  • Claire Danes – Homeland: She’s won a lot, but the sheen is off.
  • Viola Davis – How to Get Away with Murder: She’s a strong candidate, and people love her.
  • Taraji P. Henson – Empire: She was great, the show was alright. I could see her take it again, but this category has a lot of competition.
  • Tatiana Maslany – Orphan Black: Fans and critics have heaped praises on Maslany for years for playing multiple characters in the same show. Finally she gets some Emmy love, but can she possibly win in such a crowded category?
  • Keri Russell – The Americans: Finally Keri Russell gets attention. I hope this is her year.
  • Robin Wright – House of Cards: Like Claire Danes, I don’t see it going well for her this year.


Close this year but I’m crossing my fingers for Keri Russell.

Who should win: Let’s hope the voters get it right.

Who shouldn’t win: Claire Danes. She’s had her wins already.

Who might squeak by: Viola Davis or Taraji P Henson could sneak by.

Who shouldn’t even have been nominated: I’d say Robin Wright.

Who wuz robbed: Some people might say Julianna Margulies – perhaps. I also have the star of Jessica Jones – Krysten Ritter.


The nominees are:

  • Aziz Ansari – Master of None: Buzz all over this guy, doing something beyond caricature for once.
  • Anthony Anderson – black-ish: He’s funny and this year approached some controversial topics.
  • Will Forte – The Last Man On Earth: Talented comedian unafraid to handle dark comic material.
  • William H. Macy – Shameless: A movie star on TV, who cares if the show isn’t that good?.
  • Thomas Middleditch – Silicon Valley: I like this guy’s awkward performance, but I doubt it’ll beat the other guys.
  • Jeffrey Tambor – Transparent: People love his performance, and he’s a great actor. I may not have found it funny at all, but that may not matter. He also won handily last year.


I think Jeffrey Tambor wins once again.

Who should win: In this crew, I think multiple people are deserving.

Who shouldn’t win: William H. Macy, a lesser performance.

Who might squeak by: Aziz Ansari; never underestimate the power of buzz.

Who shouldn’t even have been nominated: William H. Macy. As I said.

Who wuz robbed: Randall Park from Fresh Off the Boat for one, Chris Geere from You’re the Worst, Andy Daly from Review. And I don’t know if he qualifies, but Eric Andre is an insane maverick.


The nominees are:

  • Ellie Kemper – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Effervescent and tough, a great contrast and a talented comedian.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep: She’s the champ for a reason.
  • Laurie Metcalf – Getting On: Old school coming back, but unlikely to be remembered.
  • Tracee Ellis Ross – black-ish: She’s funny in the show, unafraid to be manic and unattractive.
  • Amy Schumer – Inside Amy Schumer: Her latest season isn’t her best, but she’s still funny and dark.
  • Lily Tomlin – Grace and Frankie: She’s a legend, but the show ain’t good.


Once again, Julia Louis-Dreyfus destroys the competition.

Who should win: JLD. No contest.

Who shouldn’t win: Amy Schumer didn’t have the best season.

Who might squeak by: Tracee Ellis Ross might get that buzz.

Who shouldn’t even have been nominated: Lily Tomlin. She’s great, but this was not a good show.

Who wuz robbed: Constance Wu from Fresh Off the Boat of course, Rachel Bloom from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and of course, Aya Cash from You’re the Worst. She should be winning this category.

The 68th Emmy Awards will be handed out Sunday, September 18 on ABC.

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