What a confusing Preacher season finale


You’ve seen the final three episodes of the season, right? And, given the final scene in the finale, did anything coalesce into something remotely resembling viability for the show?

Or are you of the opinion, like me, Preacher has completely gone off the rails?

Because it has.

Here, let’s forget “Backdoors” (episode 11) and “On Your Knees” (episode 12). Instead let’s simply concentrate on the finale, “The End Of The Road”:

  • Jesse’s Power has gone impotent. Why? What’s happened? Has something changed? Is it worn out? Has it become unusable because its been abused frivolously?
  • Tulip’s dead? There was so much back and forth conflict between Jesse and Cassidy in that final play-out whether or not to save her / call an ambulance to get her to a hospital / have Cassidy work his vampiric way with her / Jesse attempting to staunch the flow from her wound / etc., one didn’t know what the end result could possibly be. In the end she’s seemingly dead in the backseat of the car, toodling down the road with Jesse and Cassidy, on their way to Angelville and the horrors of Jesse’s past. What good could possibly come of that? (Well … if that chicken that crossed the road is any indication, none whatsoever. You caught that, right?)
  • Cassidy not only kills Denis (proving he has zero qualms about taking the easy way out to solve a problem) but shoos the dog on its way out onto the street to a fate unknown. Why? There’s deeper meaning in his actions. (Nah. He’s just a callous son of a bitch, nothing more.) One thing is certain: The dude is a true conundrum. Heartless one moment, ultra-caring another.
  • There’s so much conflict floating around inside Jesse Custer it’s not even funny. And it’s abundantly clear with him being in league with Herr Starr and The Grail. You can see his head spinning while he’s trying to sort out whether or not playing Messiah is the right thing to do. His heart just isn’t in it, so why the conflict at all? Why not just bail? He knows better than to be in cahoots with The Grail, we’ve seen this time and time again on their behalf. They can’t be trusted and their methods and reasonings are always questionable not to mention unpredictable. Who in their right mind would work for such an organization? It just goes to show you how screwed up in the head Jesse is at present.
  • That camera bug laying on the floor in the kitchen. That thing’s been sitting there for episodes now, translating to days in the chronology of the show. And someone (Tulip) just finally notices it? When she’s previously noticed a severed finger on the floor that was better concealed? When she obsesses over holes in the wall all around the apartment and the complex they live in? It’s inconsistencies like those that have forever bothered me about the show. In multiple posts I’ve often harped on them. Nothing new there.
  • The Saint Of Killer’s whereabouts? Yes, they were explained plainly enough. But it felt more like a poor storyline vehicle to work him back into the mix than something credible. Even with The Grail’s sloppy modus operendi. Nope, I don’t buy it. But I have to buy it because that’s what unfolded on my television screen. Yup, more frustration.
  • Eugene and Hitler: They’re out and about, escapees from Hell, free to do as they see fit. And, apparently, Hitler’s concern and well-being toward Eugene was all a ruse because he high-tails it from his side, content to leave the boy on his own. This was about the most believable thing in the finale.
  • That final scene: The character in the dog costume shown earlier in the season might just be God in disguise after all. That’s what we’re led to believe, what seems to be suggested. Here’s the thing though: It’s one thing for God to abandon what He’s done from time immemorial, another altogether to cater to the depraved in a dog costume. Come on. I can suspend belief just as well as the next person watching the show, but the writers have strained credibility too far and too often for me to buy this monkey business. Even if that’s where the story is ultimately leading it’s not just bordering on the ridiculous … it’s crossed it. The blinding light? If that’s not God, who or what is it? Valid finale questions, but ones geared to frustrate maddeningly given events of previous episodes.

So maddeningly, in fact, I’ve concluded it’s best to throw in the towel on Preacher. All the jib jabbery, all the twisted plot lines, all the inconsistencies, all the frustration … it’s lead me to the realization the title of the Preacher season 2 finale apes my thoughts on further attention to the show: It’s “The End Of The Road” for Preacher and me.

What did you think of the finale? Has Preacher gone completely off the rails? Start a conversation in the comments section below!


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