Preacher works some different ideas in its latest chapter


Preacher, Preacher, Preacher. We have questions. And comments. And concerns.

So … Hell.

Not exactly what we pictured. I mean, put two people in a room and ask them about Hell and it’s completely understandable their estimations are not going to be the same. That makes perfect sense. But what Preacher gave us, well … a little different.

Of course you’re going to have Hell populated with scum and villainy, degenerates and pure evil. Goes without saying. But I’d bet dollars to donuts the “accommodations” weren’t what anyone expected.

That spinning disco ball in the middle of everyone’s room? Rather Saturday Night Fever, eh? Hitler’s own personal episode of Hell? Wasn’t expecting that, either. It would make more sense if he were surrounded by Jews, made to converse with them, aid them, help them, assist them. Having someone Jewish simply bump his shoulder while dining wasn’t the greatest stretch of the imagination when it comes to answering for your sins. And let me tell you, Hitler’s got a busload to answer for. You follow?

Hell: Under-staffed and under-funded? Really? You’d think The Powers That Be (Satan, in this case) would have a little better grip on the situation. Under-staffed? Here, let me help you with that:

Put a score of souls in the same room. No beds, no facilities, no creature comforts. Put them there jammed up one against the other with no clothing, no breathing room, no nothing. That’d be a start. That hole? The one the facilitator threatened Eugene with if he didn’t get his act together? Start stuffing people down there regardless of capacity. All you’d need is a guard or three at the hole to monitor no one tries to escape. Having the upper hand, that’d be a pretty cushy job, don’t you think? The folks condemned to the hole? Oh well. You’re in Hell. What were you expecting? A little iced tea now and again to take the edge off? A 10 minute break from perdition? A “gimme” or something similar?

You’re in Hell! You blew it! There’s no do overs! You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it! (Except … there’s nowhere to sleep and no beds. Because, right, you’re in Hell …)

Better yet … aren’t the demons who populate Hell the “staff” on hand? Shouldn’t they be doing their duties?

And under funded? Who needs funding in Hell? Throw’em all in the torture pit with the demon overlords poking and prodding them with pitchforks and pikes. (See the “You’re in Hell!” paragraph above.)

Hell: Under staffed and under funded. That’s a joke … right?

And here’s a thought: Hell doesn’t know Eugene doesn’t belong there? Maybe that’s why the disco balls are on the fritz. Someone in management needs to be monitoring the memos.


So … Viktor. Tulip’s husband? That’s going to rub someone the wrong way. Care to guess who?

So … The Grail. Look: I get there are organizations – both amateur and professional – that have different methodologies for working their particular and (often) unique systems. But planting a sign spinner at the front of a residence in a neighborhood seems, well, a little conspicuous, doesn’t it? Not to mention unorthodox. Or am I over thinking it and it’s just plain dumb? Not that I’m trying to second guess a way an entity conducts its business, y’unnerstan’. It’s just … weird … is all.

But then … those are some of the things I like about Preacher. Things that get the ole noggin’ a’thinkin’ …




  • I’m just spit ballin’ here but … it seems out of character for Eugene to submit to the peer pressure of his fellow “inmates” in Hell and join in with the “kicking a man when he’s down” Hitler game. Know what I mean?
  • Sunday on CNN I was watching a portion of the documentary “The 80s” produced by (among others) Tom Hanks. In it I got a good dose of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl”. And then there it is again in Monday’s Preacher episode. Let it be said, right here and right now, that I’ve gotten more than enough of that tune to last me another half dozen years or so, thank you very much.
  • Speaking of Eugene in Hell: Remember when Jesse was concerned about Eugene being vanquished below? The angst over it he was worried with? That kind of got thrown out the window, hasn’t it?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Start a conversation in the comments section below!


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