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FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

Outcast certainly did one thing in spades this week, they ramped things up heading into next week’s finale. Emotions were all over the place, sometimes I was welling up, the next I felt nauseous. All in all a riveting and exciting way to head to the end of the season.

Poor Megan and Mark. After their storylines seemed to be heading nowhere it turned out their story really had zero to do with their involvement in the main plot. Mark was trying to get a new job, hopeful he could beat the charges against him. Megan depressed and now pregnant. Which by the way, making her pregnant is a hackneyed cliché I thought this show would be above. Anyway, after a great scene where Kyle got to reverse the protector roles he and Megan had in episode one, Megan ends up possessed. Okay, kind of thought that could happen. We have established over and over that Kyle’s loved ones are more prone to it. But having Mark and Kyle finally make a connection, only to kill Mark? What the hell was the point of the rape subplot and Donny? That whole damn thing meant nothing in the end. All the moments here were well done I just don’t like this sharp turn they took after all that build up.

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

Then there’s Sydney’s machinations. Sydney has proven to be a master manipulator, and contrary to Anderson’s belief, there ain’t no way he’s the devil. Maybe a lackey, a fallen angel, but not the big dude himself. After Giles forced his buddy and possessed wife out of town, Sydney snags them and sends them to some creepy warehouse. So what purpose do they have? Is that going to be a facility for the recently possessed? Much like the camper but on a much bigger scale? There is definitely a huge plan we can’t see. Sydney teases Anderson with it. Kat mentions as much to her husband. Even that little shit red-headed kid Aaron tells Anderson he can’t stop it. If this is a simple invasion then why all the mystery? If that’s all it ends up being, color me disappointed.

Oh and is Sydney that smart or Anderson that fricking dumb? Sydney shows up to the church, obviously to rile up the Reverend. Yet he still takes the bait, and a swipe, at Syd. Then after seeing Aaron with him he takes the bait and freaks out in front of the kid’s mom and his only friend. Giles is his one sort of comrade now and it looks like he is finally going to try and win back Kyle’s trust. One thing is for certain, if Anderson keeps being so utterly stupid he’s going to be more a hindrance than a help.

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

Then the emotional gut-wrenching section came from Allison. While Kyle’s search was touching enough on its own, what he finds is just heartbreaking. Allison, having regained her memory, has committed herself to a mental health care facility. Even after Kyle tells her she wasn’t at fault she has just given up. The moment where Kyle realizes he’s probably lost his wife forever was an amazing display from both actors. Even sadder when we find out later that their daughter has been kidnapped by dark forces.

While tying up lots of loose threads and abandoning a few plotlines, Outcast had a fantastic episode leading into its finale. One more to go and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments section below!


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