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FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

Well that was certainly unexpected.

Outcast threw a real curve ball and gained back much of the ground it had lost recently with this week’s episode “What Lurks Within,” managing to add an unforeseen wrinkle and really shake things up heading into the final two episodes. There were answers, lots of answers in fact. As we got revelations to a number of questions and speculations that have been building since day one.

The great big one is how and why sometimes Kyle banishes a demon and the host recovers while other times they become a vegetable. Now obviously seeing the source, a huge grain of salt here, but Kyle seems to have a sense of these things and believes Sydney. It seems that after a rough initial possession period the hosts soul bonds and finds an equilibrium with the demon, making a new fifty-fifty split situation. Also it seems this means that after a certain period, the possessed may be able to live normal non-violent lives. The drawback being that now they are bonded so an exorcism wipes away both halves not just the “evil.”

This brings up a ton of questions about some of the people Kyle has exorcised and why they were still violent or demonic after being bonded a long time while others just live suburban lives. Hell, fire chief Lenny tells Giles he prefers his new version of his wife to the old. How messed up is that? Plus we find out the purpose of that burned up camper finally. This all happens after Anderson once again goes against Kyle’s and Giles’ advice and just flies off the friggin handle. For a man of God who has been doing this so long he sure did lose his mind quick when pushed.

I get the feeling that Anderson could end up being more of a hindrance than a help to Kyle the way things are going. I absolutely loved his interaction with Lenny’s wife Kat. When she points out that is this is really the end times then the Second Coming is here as well. Makes you wonder if she’s cluing us in or just screwing with the Reverend. Add to that Sydney’s remarks about Kyle being a beacon, a flame in the dark, plus the supper grace scene with Kyle … is he a beacon because he’s a tool of the Devil? Or could he be a sign of the apocalypse because he is the Second Coming? Probably not but you never know with this series.

A big part of this whole “demons aren’t always terrible” thing came from Sydney’s flashback where we found that sometimes the demon is better than the human host, and they don’t choose who they possess. Sydney’s pre-possession of being a pedophile and/or serial killer of some sort? Damn did that give me the creeps. Seeing the demonically possessed version look disgusted at the antics of his host’s actions and desires? Surprising and really well acted by Brent Spiner.

Another great misdirect was setting up Patty’s son, the little red-headed jerk, as a demon only to end up being a red herring. So in addition to people enjoying their time once turned, some people are drawn to it without even being infected. Since Kyle is going after his wife it will be interesting to see if she has similar feelings.

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

Mark’s storyline still has me mixed. It is so ordinary and humdrum compared to everything else but him and Megan have such good scenes together it would be a shame to lose those heartfelt moments. Oh and thank God Kyle finally told Megan what actually happened. It was getting painful to watch him take on all the secrets alone.

So Mark and Megan aside, the only other big dangling thread that has not paid off yet is Anderson’s downfall. Embarrassed in the community. Ousted from the church. Losing his mind and purpose. I will assume this all is leading somewhere and since this week did so much in bringing me back on board I will trust there is an endgame planned. While I don’t expect to wrap everything up by season’s end, I certainly hope it pays off and builds new mysteries for next year.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments section below!

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