Outcast: The Damage Done

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

This week’s episode of Outcast, “The Damage Done”, certainly does do some damage to our characters, though as everyone is breaking down Kyle gets a tiny win.

Following immediately after last week’s encounter between Reverend Anderson and Sydney, Anderson spent this week’s duration bouncing between terrified and completely out of his mind. I found this to be a hard turn and an out of character moment for Anderson. The stuff where he confronts Sydney and tries to hide the attack from the sheriff, that all works fine. The ranting and raving stuff? Anderson seems smart enough to realize that the general public won’t react well to the whole fire and brimstone thing. Turning up the whole “the end is nigh” act in front of a crowd of people in mourning seems like the act of a desperate man, not a servant of God. Sure Sydney carved a pentagram in his chest, but that’s all it took to send him over the edge? Unless we find out there’s more working here, I count this moment as a huge misstep for the writers.

Now as dumb as the Reverend was, Chief Giles is showing us how smart someone can be in the face of evil. After weeks of slowly playing his buddy the Fire Chief, Giles is smart enough to tell Anderson he should put Sydney in jail. He also is smart enough to reach out to Kyle to figure out if his buddy is possessed. Giles is the only person who seems to be able to look at these crazy situations and think in totally reasonable ways, unencumbered by emotional responses. Unfortunately Kyle is able to debunk the theory that the Fire Chief is possessed, but he does confess to Giles to burning the trailer, albeit in a vague and disconcerting way.

So now we have to think what is his deal? Could he still be serving Satan, just of his own free will? Maybe he represents another faction, neither church nor demonic who is fighting against whatever the coming storm is using dark rituals. Or maybe it will end up being something unconnected to the demonic happenings in town altogether.

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

There was also the Remembrance Day theme running through the background of this episode. Remembrance being almost a better thematic descriptor than the episode’s title. First there’s the twenty-nine blue collar workers, who Kyle worked alongside, all of which were killed in some giant accident. As Kyle’s memories suggest, this was likely due to some demonic presence. We aren’t told or shown exactly what happened though which makes me wonder about the actual events and how Kyle was spared the same fate.

The second big reveal through memory was Kyle’s wife. She seems to have regained at least a piece of her memory of her time possessed, at least the part where she nearly killed her daughter. Which led to the one small fleeting victory for Kyle, gaining his family back. After seeing Kyle get spit on by just about everyone he meets, it was high time he got a small reward for all his hard work. Having his wife show up, daughter in hand, to reunite their family for the night was incredibly cathartic. Of course he also got rewarded carnally as well but the real win was seeing him with his little girl again.

Of course there had to be a but, and in this case there’s two. His wife does bring his daughter back to him, and even lets him become her primary guardian again. But she runs off afterwards leaving the two of them to go who knows where. Then more tragically another memory is revealed — Kyle’s daughter did not block out her mother’s attack as it originally seemed. She completely remembers the near death experience at her mother’s hands.

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

The final remembrance we dealt with was of Megan’s rape and Mark’s attack of her former rapist Donny. Did anyone think Donny would do the right thing after she paid him off with every red cent they had? Of course not! The guy is a complete piece of garbage. Again the memory of something terrible tore another group down.

Reverend Anderson, Kyle and his daughter, Megan and Mark, all brought down and splintered by memories of painful deeds. All sitting in the aftermath of the damage done. We need more explanation of what is going on. With only three episodes left some things had better become clear to keep us invested till a second season. This was a second week of a bit of a mixed bag. With some character motivations not feeling quite earned and too many questions being raised and not nearly enough answered. I can only hope it’s part of a bigger plan by the writers for the last few weeks.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments section below!


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