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FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

This week’s Outcast was slow, I mean sloooow. Compared to the reveals and happenings in the past weeks this one bordered on dull. Not bad per se, just not as impressive as it has been. The Reverend had his head firmly planted in his butt again. After it seemed like he was letting go of his pride he was more determined than ever to show Kyle he didn’t need him. Kyle on the other hand tried to walk away and get a normal job. Of course we know this wasn’t going to last and the forces of darkness wasted no time pulling them both back into the fray.

Seeing the Reverend watch tapes of his old exorcisms, the sheer number of tapes show that there is an army of the possessed in this little town alone. Who knows how many more are around the world. Also if he documents these on film why hasn’t he done that with Kyle yet? Considering how visually amazing Kyle’s exorcisms are you would think Anderson would want proof to show people.

FOX International Studios

FOX International Studios

Oh and looks like I completely missed the mark on Anderson’s little redhead girlfriend Patricia. I was positive she would end up being a spy for the demons but she seems to be a true believer. Though the subplot with her jerk of a son felt extraneous, maybe having him witness Anderson being accosted by Sydney will lead somewhere. Patricia though sees right past Anderson’s pride and has the brains to seek out, unsuccessfully, Kyle’s help. I’m kind of hoping Patricia joins their little crew, it feels like they need to expand their ranks a bit to make some headway.

I’m trying to guess where the sheriff’s story is heading. On one hand his faith in Reverend Anderson is severely shaken, shattered even. How this will affect their relationship going forward is hard to say. On the other hand it’s looking more and more likely that the fire chief buddy of his is either possessed himself or in cahoots with the forces of darkness. We saw the camper that got torched in a photo at Mildred’s place. A little too convenient for the Sheriff to find it but I can forgive a little sloppy writing once in awhile.

Going back to Mildred, her storyline is done and it raised more questions than it answered. Most importantly what is that thing the demons do when they suck some kind of energy out of people? Is that their soul? Power? Something else entirely? Mildred ends up a vegetable, presumably at Sydney’s hands, but did he force her demonic essence out like Kyle does? Why does Sydney suddenly reveal himself to Anderson? Surely he will tell Kyle about what happened. I’m just mystified at what the endgame is and where things are heading. Right now I mean that in a good way. I’m interested and engaged in the storytelling. If things don’t start getting explained a bit more soon though … well then I might start getting a little irritated.

Mark’s sins came back to haunt him already. Megan’s molester threatened her after Mark beat him to a pulp. Again a storyline where I don’t see where things are going but I hope it leads somewhere.

Also the Caleb exorcism added a new wrinkle. Caleb telling Anderson how calm he felt while possessed and unafraid. That has to be a real kick in the face for Anderson. A whole lot of uncertainty for the Reverend going forward.

Probably my least favorite episode of the series so far. Still well made and acted. Still great production values but just lacking some of that special sauce that the series has had up till now. I hope this is a calm before things tear loose rather than a sign of things to come.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments section below!

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