Mike Tyson Mysteries is a hilarious addition to your DVD collection

Warner Bros. Animation

Warner Bros. Animation

It is nothing short of amazing how Mike Tyson has managed to stay relevant after all of these years. When it comes to being a celebrity, longevity is something that counts. To that end, Tyson, who is undeniably well known as a championship boxer, has managed to reinvent himself as the star of his very own animated series. Yes, that’s right. Mike Tyson has become a cartoon character … and I’m not mad about it.

It seems the gloves are coming off, folks. As part of Cartoon Network’s hit Adult Swim lineup of provocative programming, the Mike Tyson Mysteries has proven to be a very funny show with an odd yet decent premise, and is a welcome addition to the network’s hilarious roster of adult comedy. As someone who is typically always busy with work and grad school, I find it refreshing to calm my nerves with a funny TV show. Life can be challenging. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to think.

That what’s the Mike Tyson Mysteries does for viewers. It gives them an absurd comedy that doesn’t require much thought. It’s simply absurd escapism. Case in point – the heavyweight boxing champion is joined by a talking pigeon who happens to be an alcoholic, a dapper ghost, and his adopted daughter. I promise I’m not making any of this up. Together they are something of a ragtag mystery solving crew. Think Scooby-Doo … but on acid. As a team, they rise to the occasion to take on government schemes and colorful villains … and now they’re taking on consumers with a DVD release.

All 10 uncensored episodes of the first season are included on a single disc. While there are no special features, subtitles include both English and French. Additionally, the show is presented in widescreen format preserving the aspect ratio of its original television exhibition and has been enhanced for widescreen television sets. Each episode comes with Dolby Audio in 5.1 surround sound. The episodes are not rated. However, this show is undoubtedly for the grownups. This animated series contains adult themes and vulgar language that definitely isn’t suitable for children under 17. A Warner Brothers property, the series features the voices of Tyson, Norm MacDonald, Rachel Ramras and Jim Rash. Also, I’d like to point out that the animation is pretty good. It’s smooth, streamlined and detailed enough.

Mike Tyson Mysteries is a wonderful addition to any DVD collection. For those who like to laugh and unwind after a long day, be sure to scoop this one up. It’s humorous, utterly ridiculous and downright entertaining.

And that’s what I call a TKO!


Mike Tyson Mysteries: Season 1

Price: $10.79

4.5 out of 5 stars (96 customer reviews)

27 used & new available from $5.95

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