Meet our team

Chuck Duncan
Chuck Duncan - Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, grew up watching classic game shows and sitcoms. Over the years, worked at two movie theaters, three record stores, two book stores and two video stores. Loves movies, television, theater, music and writing about all of the above and anything else that comes to mind.

Jeremy Fogelman
Jeremy Fogelman - Member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association, podcaster, and full-time entertainment consumer based out of Washington DC. Some of his attempts at writing and talking can found at his website (


Brandon Coulson
Brandon Coulson is a native of Baltimore, MD. Graduate of Towson University's Electronic Media and Film department. A life-long film lover, comic fan, gamer, and just about every other geeky endeavor you can think of., with an almost disturbing obsession with everything Batman related. Brandon has worked in Broadcasting since 2008.

Kim Tibbs
Kim Tibbs is an accomplished writer and editor from Indianapolis who loves all things pop culture-related, especially from the 1980s. She often goes to horror conventions and comic cons in the Midwest to meet celebrities and her apartment is literally like walking into a pop culture museum, with records on the walls and an original Nintendo arcade circa 1986, paying tribute to some of her favorite TV sitcoms, movie and music industry icons.

Michael Noble annoys people, doesn't sleep nearly as much as he should, doesn't naps, life-long carnivore, beats dead horses (metaphorically speaking, of course), refuses to drink bottled water ...


Justin Moore
Justin Moore is a first-grade teacher by day and a movie reviewer by night. He spends most of his time quoting his favorite movie, Anchorman, and revisiting his favorite show, Power Rangers. He has spent the last 5 years reviewing movies on YouTube and searching nearby Hot Topics to build the perfect Funko Pop collection.

Jaylen Christie
Jaylen Christie is a journalist, actor, humorist and devoted advocate of the unappreciated superhero Aquaman. Garnering a William Randolph Hearst award for outstanding editorial writing, and the Ida B. Wells award for the best writing for a collegiate newspaper, Christie really enjoys expanding upon a versatile resume. By day, he’s an actor appearing in community theatre productions, and by night, he is a fanatical television junkie with a love of quality programming and fizzy Mountain Dew. He’s also working on a series of comedic novels that will be … EPIC! Stay tuned!

Cisco Davis Jr
Cisco Davis Jr is a hopeless romantic and award-winning film director from the Baltimore-Metro area. He is happily married to an aspiring career in independent filmmaking and isn't afraid to admit that he is a fan of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Behind his weathered and scruffy exterior lies a big heart that beats with a passion for all things artsy, fartsy and schweet!