Inhumans ultimately fails in the end


Well, we have the finale to Marvel’s Inhumans in the books. And it wasn’t very pretty.

It came down to a “seeing is believing” situation. And now that I’ve seen it? Well …

Attilan is gone. In a nutshell, Maximus’ claim he had physical sway over Attilan was true. Don’t conform to his bidding and the home of the Inhumans would be destroyed. Sure enough, it came to that. And with conflicting emotions for all its denizens, Maximus bearing the brunt of that conflict in the end.

The knockdown, drag out between Black Bolt and Maximus never really materialized in any sort of satisfying way. If you consider Maximus getting cold-cocked in the kisser a resolution, more power to you. But it was unoriginal and disappointing. Especially with the revelation provided to Black Bolt explaining he had killed their parents without warrant, based on a false document Maximus lied about. All for revenge and a selfish want. I suppose in some manner you have to feel for Maximus in that all his conniving and treachery got the better of him, foisting regret and reflection his way. All too little too late.

The door is open for his return, however. For what it’s worth it’s not completely certain the destruction of Attilan included Maximus’ end.


Other tidbits include the fact Gorgon is alive, if not well. The double dose of Terragen mists he was hit with have indeed rendered him a mess. But he’s cognizant at least. Karnak’s meddling to save his cousin has consequences on several fronts; the most important being getting Gorgon back up to speed and once more to his former self, no easy task. Add to that the fact Karnak disobeyed Black Bolt’s decree there will be no Terragenesis reintroduction. No doubt Karnak is in dire straits himself.

Attilan? All its artifacts, all its history, all its amazing technologies … kablooey. The only thing remaining is its citizens who are now on Earth and that box of Terragen crystals Medusa wisely made away with. Hope? Possibly.

Which leads to this: What should and should not be believed about the fate of the Inhumans?

With the mostly lackluster, often hokey stories (which contained few shining moments), there won’t be any sort of return engagement for the series. Not in the form of a stand alone program at any rate. No matter how much you wanted the series to work (and I was one of those people), it simply didn’t. I’d like to think we haven’t seen the last of the Inhumans but it won’t be any time soon.

While we touched on many of the abilities of the race, Inhumans left much to be desired. The society was supposed to be superhuman, headed by a royal family. And it was … but there were too many dumb foibles to them to be believable. The “humanity” they displayed took the form of comic relief and often irrational decisions and situations. Not to mention the society itself was fractured, strained and ready to crumble because of conflict between the haves and the have nots. You’d like to think a race of superhumans would have their shit together more than we saw on the small screen over the last eight chapters of the show. Right? Wouldn’t you?

I had hope the show could rise above the negative hype thrown at it when it first rolled out, that somehow it would find its legs. But it never did find them. As a result, we viewers who stuck with it were left with a disappointing discouragement in the final product.

What did you think of Marvel’s Inhumans? Should Marvel continue or do a movie? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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