Marvel’s Inhumans offers an intelligent and interesting outing


In the rich history and tradition of Marvel Comics, we learned (or confirmed) no one stays dead long. That goes double on Marvel’s Inhumans.

Auran, Gorgon and (supposedly) Triton all died and resurrected in one form or another. Auran’s return was expected however – we know one of her powers is regeneration. But Gorgon’s and Triton’s re-emergings were semi-surprises. (A bit more on Gorgon later.)

Returned to us also was a not necessarily dead (more muddled or somewhat muddled) Karnak, too.

What all that adds up to is the fact we got a pretty neat showcase out of Inhumans this past week (“Havoc In The Hidden Island”).

You might recall I complained about Black Bolt being out of sorts somewhat, not as understanding or benevolent as a typical ruler of a people should be. Well, I have a little more respect for His Big Bad Blackness now that it’s been revealed he’s been harboring some secrets in an effort to preserve Attilan, that being the plan of keeping Triton’s death secret. Add to that his command to kill Auran (which Karnak willingly did without question) and you realize there is more than just brooding and hand gestures behind his ever-quiet visage.

Speaking of Black Bolt’s seemingly impulsive order to kill: That might have appeared uncharacteristically hasty (another displeasure about Black Bolt I mentioned previously) but it was thoroughly calculated as the scene played out. There was clear meaning behind it, shocking though it might have been. And it was shocking.

But those secretive plans came with consequences, mainly the wrath of Medusa. And understandably so. But in the end, once the smoke cleared, I think all is hunky dory with The Royals. As all-powerful as Black Bolt may be, female ire is nothing to be messed with.

And Black Bolt’s precaution and forethought? Apparently runs in the family as Maximus illustrated with his conniving ways. That entire parlay sequence where his brother’s group and he thrusted and parried was rather fun, especially with Maximus ending the show by declining his brother’s offer of conditional peace. (And you saw the little head nods between Auran and Karnak during the exchange, right? She indicating there was something askew with the proceedings.)


A bit more on Maximus and his scheming ways …

Toward the end of the episode he revealed to Black Bolt if he is killed (as his brother threatened to do should they meet again) fail safes were in place to assure the downfall of Attilan. You kill Maximus and the same fate awaits Attilan’s people. Personally? I call bullshit. Maximus may have a healthy measure of cunning within him but, more so, he’s a self-serving little weasel and a prisoner of his deluded thoughts and desires. And he’s good at it, too. Still, I’m calling bullshit on his threat about his guarantee of Attilan’s demise if he goes down. It’s an impulsive ploy, spit out to serve his own needs and nothing more. It’s an off-the-cuff sidestep to buy time and to keep his brother at bay. There’s no plan. Maximus hasn’t devised anything of the sort. Rarely has he ever done so effectively. He’s single-mindedly motivated by the potential of power and he’s proven time and again he’ll do anything – anything – to gain and wield that power. His threat is baseless.

But it doesn’t make a difference if it’s true or otherwise. Because it was enough to stay Black Bolt’s hand. And that’s all that counts. That’s all Maximus needs, that one additional chance to move forward to employ his ways.

Interestingly enough, the dude’s still got a bit of empathy inside his cold, dark heart. He displayed it when he reminisced about the first time he went through (and ultimately failed at) the Terragenesis process as a boy. That empathy isn’t enough for him to turn the other cheek but it’s a touching display that dimly glows somewhere inside him and shows a bit of his humility.

Lastly, Gorgon. Those old wives’ tales about submitting oneself to a second serving of Terragenesis and possible side effects? Based on Gorgon’s demeanor as he came back to life, it looks like those stories might hold water. To be determined …

All in all, a nicely paced, intelligent chapter of Inhumans. I enjoyed it. And it has me in great anticipation of the finale.

Big Episode Quibble

“This? This is it? It looks like a phone booth” Declan reasons with Maximus as they are discussing the Terragenesis process. Maximus’ response? “It’s far more than that …” Yeah, I had a bit of a problem with this.

Remember Medusa’s confuzzlement when she first appeared in Hawaii? How she didn’t understand certain things about Earth? And yet Maximus appears understanding of the concept of a phone booth. I don’t think so, Tim. (I know, I know … maybe it’s just me. But you know what? It isn’t.)

Marvel’s Inhumans airs Fridays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

What do you think of Marvel’s Inhumans? Does Maximus have a plan or will Black Bolt call his bluff? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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