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Marvel’s Inhumans “Make Way For … Medusa” in a nutshell …

With Medusa having missed the chopper that rescued Black Bolt from prison (courtesy of Dr. Evan Declan), she goes on the hunt for him with Louise, the coordinator of the defunct moon rover project. After somewhat of a rocky start to their friendship, Medusa and Louise come to a general consensus and, in the end, find Black Bolt’s whereabouts …

… right as Auran and her gang catches wind of him as well. It doesn’t end well for Auran’s group, Black Bolt initiating a convenient “diversion” with the unwitting assistance of Mortis and his explosive powers. All are incapacitated and Black Bolt, Medusa and Louise take off.

Gorgon and his group are traipsing about the jungles of Hawaii, temporarily safe from the group Maximus has ordered to find him.

Meanwhile, Crystal – having teleported down to Hawaii – is in crisis and stuck because her dog Lockjaw has been hit and wounded. The stranger who hit Lockjaw knows a vet in training, contacts her and, in the end, all is right with the world. Crystal’s made a new friend, Lockjaw is recovering and the two will soon be on their way to try and find the rest of her family who took refuge in Hawaii.

Karnak? He’s made good with the baddies he stumbled on when Lockjaw transported him to Hawaii earlier and is in the throes of making kissy face with his new pal Jen. An entirely new set of discoveries await him and his newfound human.

Hokay … so, does any of this make sense? In the grand scheme of things Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Crystal and Lockjaw are all looking for each other, ultimately to see if Triton is still alive. But things are a real mess, each as their own individuals or fractured groups lost in various locations in Hawaii. And while the plot does what it can to try and pull everything together for us, it does nothing more than make things a bit hokey in the process. Bad, corny jokes crop up (Crystal: “How did she know I was a princess?”), an unlikely friendship blossoms between Medusa and Louise (which is pretty cheesecake) and Karnak’s little adventures in the sea with Jen and inside her tent (hubba, hubba) are eye rolling at best. (The fact he’s intrigued by Jen’s bra is a too-over-the-top attempt to inject humor where none needs to be.)

The only real interesting story is still back in Attilan where Maximus is still coming to grips with running the kingdom and, in the process, finding out he can’t have his brother killed after all just yet. Black Bolt may be the key to further discoveries where humans and Inhumans are concerned. (His DNA is obviously powerful stuff.) One decree he implements is to “banish” the genetic council (i.e. have them killed) to facilitate his being run through the Terragenesis process once more in an effort to see if his Inhuman abilities might finally come to light. Maximus’ seduction of power is all important if he’s to be an effective leader of the Inhumans, something he’s convinced himself of.

The bottom line? The fourth episode of the series moved forward, closer to tying events together. But there’s too much forced humor foisted on us and not enough intelligent story telling. As I hinted last post, there’s still the hope Inhumans will work some better plot with less corny cheese factor.

What do you think of Marvel’s Inhumans? At the halfway point, will things come together? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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