Don’t believe the hype – Marvel’s Inhumans is watchable despite its detractors


ChuckWash Duncan – Hotchka’s esteemed editor-in-chief and all round good guy (among other things) – made several points last week regarding the debut of Marvel’s Inhumans.

All the hoopla surrounding the show and its “shoddiness” is so much nitpicking as far as I’m concerned. The sets are fine, the roles are fine and the costumes are fine. Nothing looks overly cheap or rushed. And Chuck’s biggest complaint, the leaden plod of the story, holds water. I happen to agree with him.

Additionally there are points surrounding the plot that lend a bit of hokeyness:

  • Medusa, her familiar surroundings in Attilan suddenly replaced by lush Hawaii, is reduced to common burglary. Queenly air? Non-existent. And, in that house she burgled, she had the wherewithal to grab a purse as part of the fashion statement to fit in with the outside world? There’s your hokey in a nutshell. (Granted: She ended up using it for a few necessities but still …)
  • Karnak’s powers of reasoning have been one big fail up to this point in the show. (And he’s the character I’ve been looking forward to most.) Thus far we’ve seen him unsuccessful at finding the fault in the cliff he was forced to scale (it crumbled and sent him reeling, giving him a nice concussion), he misread the trajectory of that table he knocked over hoping it would temporarily incapacitate his captors and in general his anticipatory skills are severely lacking. Karnak is exactingly precise and calculating in the comics; this screen version of the character leaves much to be desired. Here’s hoping that changes chop chop.
  • Black Bolt may be held in high regard for his power but as a wise king he’s rather bungle-prone. He doesn’t have as much savvy as one would expect, content to let circumstances play out rather than implement a mover and shaker leadership. In that regard, you can see where Maximus’ qualms about his brother are validated.
  • And I was a bit confused by Gorgon’s rallying of those “surf thugs” to his cause once he arrived in Hawaii. Not only was it a bit too convenient, there’s too many unknowns to strike up such an alliance so quickly. Just because someone calls you to defend an idea or an ideal out of the blue doesn’t mean they should be trusted at the drop of a pin. On Gorgon’s behalf as well as his new-found friends.
  • But probably the most eye-rolling bit of story was reserved for the end of “Divide – And Conquer” when Medusa appeared right as Black Bolt escaped the prison via helicopter. That entire sequence smacked of too much coincidence. (Yes, her happening on the newspaper in the house explained her presence.) But at least it kept things rolling along, throwing a wrench in the plodding story line argument.

Interestingly (or maybe not) is the dichotomy of Maximus and Crystal in the grand scheme of things. Maximus’ all-scheming intent is calculated and straightforward whereas Crystal’s almost laissez faire attitude (lying around listening to music on headphones comes immediately to mind) is in direct conflict to his intents.

Maximus is the most interesting character by far in the show. As a non-Inhuman it’s rather interesting how he has garnered the trust of a big chunk of the kingdom, convincing them of better freedoms and the need for the protection and expansion of his people, despite the fact it’s been proven he is not, in fact, one of them.

And there’s yet another conflict/dichotomy that drives the story, the most important one. That of Black Bolt’s rule over the Inhumans vs. Maximus’ intended desire for same, two very different methodologies driving straight toward an eventual showdown.

With three episodes in the books, there’s interest and intrigue in the show to be sure. Is it must see? No. But it’s enough to continue on to find out where it leads.



The blood on Auran’s outfit certainly vanished quickly enough after her tussle with Medusa, didn’t it? Did you notice there wasn’t any evidence she was stabbed at all after her re-emergence? Medusa knifed her thrice at least. But … no holes, no blood residue, zippo.

The coup again: One would think King Black Bolt and his reign would have fail safes in place just for this particular situation. I mean, the kingdom isn’t without its detractors and grumblers. Maximus not only gained the confidence of the people of Attilan quickly but initiated and followed through on that coup a bit too easily, wouldn’t you say?

What do you think of Marvel’s Inhumans? Will it hold your interest for a few more episdoes? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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