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Lucifer reached its sort of second season climax this week — in a convoluted turn of events, the season was granted four extra episodes beyond the ordered 18 and then Fox decided to call it a season at the original 18, leaving the four extra to kick off season three which already had a full 22-episode order — pretty much wrapping up the Mother storyline, but making us wonder if we’ll see Charlotte again. And how that would happen. There is a major, major question regarding Charlotte but we’ll get to that.

So the episode explained that Mum was growing more and more powerful, so much so that her earthly container was on the verge of exploding. So that explains the little cut on her arm and the heat blast that fried Chet at the end of the last episode when he stabbed her. Keep in mind, this is the second traumatic event to happen to this body. Needing to get that stab wound closed up, Charlotte went to the nearest doctor — Doctor Linda, who could only duct tape her shut (after Charlotte tried staples).

But with a crispy dead body in her office, Charlotte needed a crime scene clean-up crew to take care of things and not ask any questions. Unfortunately, Chloe was assigned the case and was getting a little too close to putting all the pieces together for Lucifer’s peace of mind. When one of the cleaners was found dead in the same manner, all fingers pointed to Charlotte but she had no idea how the second body got charred (turns out it was the brother of Chet, who left enough circumstantial evidence to implicate him in Chet’s death as well, a lucky break for Charlotte). But with the clock ticking on Charlotte about to go supernova, time was of the essence to get the flaming sword assembled and send her back to Heaven.


But Amenadiel felt more like gloating that he was the favorite son now because he had the key. Lucifer was convinced it was just Dad screwing with them again, but Amenadiel felt it was a sign and now he had no reason to return to Heaven to fight Father with Mother. In fact, he decided to just disappear for a while and revel in his newfound glory, putting even more pressure on Luci to get things moving before Mum took out Los Angeles.

Charlotte, however, had something nagging her. When she went to see Dr. Linda for help, Linda made an off-hand comment asking if Lucifer had injured her. It didn’t sink in until later and Charlotte was not happy about the implication of the comment. While Amenadiel was missing, Lucifer sent Maze to track him down (for her normal fee, of course), and when she went to Dr. Linda’s office, she found her friend lying in a puddle of blood, barely alive, a victim of Charlotte’s wrath after learning of Lucifer’s plan to double cross her. Amenadiel arrived and was faced with a major decision.

Charlotte, with Chloe and the Flaming Sword in hand and knowing of Lucifer’s plan, asked him to meet her at the Santa Monica Pier. But Chet’s brother shows up as well to get his “revenge” for the death of his brother (even though he really didn’t like Chet). With Dr. Linda dying in Maze’s arms, Amenadiel finds some of his former power deep down inside, perhaps due to his newfound status as the favoriter son, and is able to slow down time so the can get Dr. Linda to the hospital. At that moment, Chet’s brother fired on Charlotte but time was also slowed down for them as well.


Lucifer saw the bullet headed towards Mum and pushed her off the pier and onto the beach, appealing to her that any family conflict in Heaven would eventually have catastrophic effects back on Earth. With the sword fired up, Lucifer cuts a tear in the universe, telling Charlotte the best possible outcome would be for her to move on and create her own world, telling her “let there be light.” She agrees and allows her essence to be drawn through the tear, leaving Charlotte’s body behind. And also leaving us with that major question — as time returns to normal, Charlotte regains consciousness, not knowing who Lucifer or Dan, who has come to her aid, are. So … how is it that Charlotte is now alive? She was quite dead when Mum took her body as a vessel, and she is also stapled and duct taped up to hold that gash in her abdomen shut. How is Charlotte alive?!? And more importantly, will Tricia Helfer be back???


Later, Lucifer goes to the hospital to visit Dr. Linda to apologize for what Charlotte and the rest of them have put her through. She was pretty cool about the whole thing, telling her she knew what she signed up for when she accepted them all as her friends, no matter how dysfunctional that family is. After leaving the hospital, Lucifer makes a call to Chloe. Earlier she had told him that now knowing more about his father’s tretament of him (well, she still doesn’t know the reality of the situation), she accepts him for who he is, warts and all. After the events of the day, Luci decides it’s time to reveal the truth of the matter to her, leaving a voice mail to tell her he is on his way to have that talk.

No sooner does he hang up, Lucifer is knocked over the head by an unseen assailant. When he awakes, he’s shirtless, somewhere in a desert, obviously having been there for quite some time as his skin is blistering badly. As he surveys his barren surroundings, the camera pulls back and Lucifer has sprouted a large pair of white wings, the ones he had Maze chop off long ago. So who knocked out Lucifer, where is he and how did he get his wings back? We may have learned more in the following week, but now we have to wait until the fall. Share your theories with us in the comments section and we’ll see you again in a few months!

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