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So glad to see we’re back to the full cast this week! But I’ve got to pause for two seconds and wrack my brain — is Thatcher Grey dead? We all know Ellis died way back in season … 2? 3? A million years ago in Grey-Sloan Memorial time. But Thatcher didn’t die, right? He just got remanded to the parking lot of no return. I think. I bring this up because of Meredith’s liver-failure patient (and props for them finally getting the jaundiced appearance looking authentic! 14 seasons to remember to also fill in the bits just beneath the eyelids!) He looked like Thatcher. Just a teeny bit. The circumstance was close at any rate (yes, we all remember Meredith giving him a liver because Lexi bawled her eyes out, blah blah blah.) But is this whole ‘mini livers of the future’ thing going to invite us to visit one of the ‘Parking Lot of No Return’ entities? Characters die, characters’ storyline’s conclude and they end up in Switzerland or New York or LA, but the unlucky and unimportant ones (except Izzie but no one misses her) get banished to that parking lot of no return. Is this the foreshadowing of a return of Thatcher? (Assuming I didn’t miss him dying somewhere in the Grey timeline?)

Onto the interns. There are seven of them and for the life of me I’m struggling with names. I miss the Yang days where they all had numbers. Now they have nicknames. Glasses/Blood Bank, Avery-Stalker, Hellmouth, Badass-Hacker, DeLuca’s Ex, and one or two others that I just don’t care about. At least they’re keeping it interesting. Oh! The one who’s sleeping with Kepner. On the Kepner-related note, I think I like her better as “Debbie-Doubter” than I ever did as anything she ever was. And are we ever going to go back to the plastic surgery she had (that Lexi found out about in her notebook, which she stole?) Her hangover-attitude was hilarious. And her ‘God’s asleep at the wheel with humanity locked in the trunk’ was so potent.

I know that time often passes between episodes, and sometimes they do it without telling us time has passed until they’re like ‘oh yeah, time has passed.’ But seriously — who is this Chive? Clive? Whatever. I know they need to feed the Jackson-Maggie fire a bit more with some jealousy-kerosene, but did he really need a whole segment? We know that doctors aren’t compatible with non-doctors. Very glad Jackson finally came around to realizing that the Vaginoplasty was the more life-changing and life-saving project. Catherine is a scream; her sass is just fierce. More Catherine Avery. And the chief taking salsa lessons was so cute — though you aren’t convincing me for a second that Richard Webber would actually struggle to learn that step. Still a super sweet gesture, and the father-daughter bonding with Maggie was a nice touch.

That little 12-year-old belting her face off and putting the Broadway greats in their place was no joke. Tragically beautiful story, and legitimately beautiful and powerful voice. Hopefully that will be a recurring plot arc, especially now that Karev and Amelia were not chosen to continue on in the contest. Very unfortunate for them and their wave-shattering idea about how to treat tumors. Amelia seems no worse for the wear at present, that’s good. Really need them to pick different interns — this whole DeLuca and his ex … it’s just a repeat of every couple who shouldn’t have had sex but did and couldn’t help themselves (which is basically every sexual pairing on Grey’s Anatomy ever) plot and we’ve had that … so … get it over with already. It’s starting to grate upon the nerves like the Jackson-Maggie thing. (Jaggie?)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Webber’s idea for the ‘path pen’ or as Maggie called it — the magic wand. Think of how revolutionary that would be? On the other side of the spectrum, shouldn’t we be addressing issues that already exist like the one Arizona is flabbergasted over? (And why is it that of the developed first world countries our maternal mortality rate is that much higher?) Curiously intrigued to see how long this renewed flame with Carina will last. (And doesn’t Hunt get that she’s choosing Arizona right now? Guess not.) Glad to see Jo starting to show signs of recovery; that is promising for her future. I feel like Hunt refusing to enter the contest is a cop-out in the writers’ room. Like we couldn’t come up with one more brain-bendingly-badass medical innovation so we just 86’d him. Though I’m curious, as I think about the shadows of Grey-Sloan’s past … doctors like Callie, Derek, Sloan, Yang … what would they have come up with?

All in all a solid episode. And quite revolutionary with the ideas that they’re generating. I wonder how much of it is actual medical technology that the real world is working on or has already in progress. Guess we can all do that research for the next two weeks since we’ve landed in televisual hiatus once again. Episode 13 won’t surface until March 1st.

Grey’s Anatomy returns with new episodes Thursday, March 1 at 8:00 PM on ABC.

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