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Did we seriously just banish Nathan Riggs to the parking lot of no return? Hold-up a minute, and forget about Amelia and the brain tumor (and the totally cool callback to the “stand like super-heroes” pose thing from Nicole Herman’s tumor) because that’s the whole rest of the episode. But seriously? Seriously! Riggs. Parking lot of no return. Come on, Shonda!

Oh wait. Just kidding. We’re only being teased that Riggs has been banished off to the parking lot of no return. But hopping through hoops and putting Mer on the spot like that — pretty ballsy, just to make the grand gesture and hope to win Megan back? I mean it’s awesome that in no time at all he hopped a plane to Baghdad, told a big fat medical lie, roped Meredith into the big fat medical lie, and got the kid stateside. Meredith is totally a bad-ass for the way she shot that TSA/Customs Security guy down. Don’t we all wish we had the chutzpah to do that every time we clear security? I think I’m absolutely in love with the way that Shonda keeps actually recalling things from previous seasons, like reminding us that life with these characters actually happened. Tonight’s mega point was when Meredith confessed to Megan about how she stole her daughter before Zola was her daughter. And how it made everything worse. Loved that moment.

Speaking of things that actually happened that we may have forgotten about … aside from the fact that Riggs is clearly in love with Meredith — and just like when Derek was still trying to hold his sham of a marriage to Addison together — Meredith is so totally in denial about how she’s in love with Riggs (like she was with Derek) … does nobody — not even Megan and Owen remember that RIGGS CHEATED ON HER. That was the whole crux behind why she hopped on the helicopter and vanished in the first place! Shonda better get in touch with reality real quick and remind everybody of that because this Megan-Riggs-Meredith nonsense has got to go. (The ship for her lesbian venture sailed long ago when Christina took off for Zurich.)

Catherine Avery’s whole situation was just a hoot this week. I love that once again she basically exists to agitate Richard. But again, she sort of proves the “all doctors are super slutty” theory that Shonda has firmly cemented in place every chance she gets. (I know … sex sells.) Doctor Ally-McBeal-Co-Star hung around for another episode — and was revealed that he used to hook up with Catherine sometime in her past. Just like that time that Christopher Marlow of the Marlow technique showed up at (then) Seattle Grace and Christina had to own up to having shacked up with him. In front of Burke.

I’ll quit dancing around the tumor and jump right in. It was very exciting at first, the whole curious musical singing thing during her surgery — did nobody learn anything in season 2 when Derek was spilling out his anti-Christmas vitriol into an open brain and it changed a persona? — Isn’t Doctor Ally-McBeal-Co-Star aware of this, since — you know — he’s the greatest? And then we had the voice over from inside Amelia’s semi-gorked body. That was even more thrilling because the last time we had a brain-injury voice over, a Shepherd died. And I don’t want Amelia to die … but it would have been more emotionally rewarding than the totally banal ending that we got. Though, to be fair, DeLuca manned up with some beautiful sagely words of wisdom about how the thing that was missing from her post-op brain scans was in fact the tumor. Nicely put, it’s almost like you’re trying to earn your place of permanency among the Grey Sloan Memorial staff.

Jackson and Maggie. Poop or get off the pot already. Though I do love that we got that very awkward reminder from Catherine that they’re actually siblings, albeit by marriage. So do you date your step-sister/step-brother or nah? Hooray for Sofia moving home! She gets to return from the parking lot of no return!!! Maybe she’ll bring Bailey and Ellis Shepherd with her too! Fingers crossed.

The intern interviews were hysterical. They were the perfect edge of what was needed to keep this episode light, but since when do we actually interview the interns? Previously they just showed up! If any of them turn up? I hope we go with the very attractive young gay male doctor who has a thing for Hawkeye. THAT was brilliant and Bailey’s reaction to that was even more brilliant. Was there anyone else worth mentioning this episode? April’s still being whiny. Arizona is still having hot Italian sex. Jo is still having issues with her ex-husband, though she and Alex are patched.

Ben is clearly training for his upcoming spin-off with the fire-fighters. He fought so hard to get out of being an anesthesiologist, into the surgical internship and then residency and now he wants to be an EMT/Responder? Makes me wonder what Jason George is doing wrong or trying to flee from to disappear off of one Shondaland hit into a potential strug-duggle Shondaland flop. (Remember when we tried that with Addison and Private Practice? With barely 100 episodes across six seasons? I stopped trying to care after the first season but would watch when doctors crossed over. This new EMT/Responder spin-off is likely to have the same if not shorter lifespan.)

The humor and sex is still present, so far keeping with the “lighter feel” motif for season 14. But Amelia’s tumor turned out to be a big old let down. Guess we can’t go too hog wild since the 300th episode isn’t here yet. That had better be a good one. There’s no new episode next week because four episodes in and already we need a break. (Maybe it’s the baseball world series or something, who knows.) And when we come back we’re getting “fake past” generation in a recap/rewind/recall episode. Fingers crossed something exciting happens soon!

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