Grey’s Anatomy :: Who’s Gonna Win a Harper Avery?


So, Megan’s still hanging around — walking around? Stumbling around? But she can’t be sticking around for much longer — and I think we’re all grateful for that! Meredith gave another epic speech, as she so often does, about what you’ve got to do — directed at Riggs this time about how he needs to “fight for her, remind her why she fell in love with you, that she matters.” But it is so, so obvious that she really means herself, Meredith, and not Megan. It’s just like season two again when Addison says “the only people who don’t know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith.” Only now the only person who doesn’t know that Meredith loves Riggs is Meredith. Shocker that we’re going down this path again, though it was nice to have so many Derek throwbacks tonight, which again makes me think that maybe, just *MAYBE* we’ll get a visit from McDreamy yet!

I love that we got that flashback to Webber’s tumor — and the ridiculous hat he wore to try and hide the scar, that immediately came to mind — though it brings to mind three really good points about how we addressed Amelia’s tumor tonight. (1) Our magical guest star — Greg Germann formally of Ally McBeal (and apparently nothing else notable since he’s still being referred to from that show) — shows up as Doctor Whatshisface … from Hopkins. (Clearly such a memorable character name that I’ve forgotten it already.) THE BEST neurosurgeon ever, apparently. If he’s the best and so awesome why is this the first time in the history of ever that we’re hearing about him? Surely with two big mile-wide ego neurosurgeons like the Shepherds at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital somewhere in there somebody who is that much of “the best” would have at the very least been mentioned (no doubt to be mocked and belittled but still!) So Shonda, you’re falling down, you can’t just pull characters out of nowhere like that and expect us to buy it. Try harder when you produce your world class this-n-that’s from the east coast.


We realize you’ve written yourself into a little corner there by giving Amelia a 10cm benign (and when did we biopsy it to determine it’s benign?) brain tumor conveniently in the area of her brain that defines her personality, but that doesn’t mean we’ve got tumors in our memory departments. Anyway, back to this tumor. (2) Because of exactly where the tumor is and what area of the brain it impacts, this is basically setting up for Amelia’s ultimate departure. With a tumor that size, even if you get clean margins and there’s no major intra-cranial shift, her personality will be affected. And the reason we all love her/tolerate her is because she’s the nutsy dysfunctional whacko that she is. So when she doesn’t die from the surgery (since the preview for next week shows the surgery happening next week) she’ll clearly be a different Amelia, and I’m betting that by episode seven of this season — titled “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” — something’s going to happen. I’m thinking the anguish of not being able to cope with that major of a personality change is going to result in suicide. Tragic, but we’ve never had that happen on Grey’s before. Think about — George got taken out by a bus. Lexi died in the plane crash. Sloan succumbed to his plane crash injuries. People got shot when Gary Clark put on his people-shooting hat and targeted Grey Sloan. Denny died from a blood clot/stroke. Henry and Adele died in surgery. Derek died from piss-poor medical treatment at Dillard. But we’ve never had suicide.

And the third thing it brings up is the controversy about her medical diagnosis and overall career. Webber checked her mortality rate – 0.9% (and Derek’s was a 1.3% somehow proving that she was the better neurosurgeon.) And they brought up Nicole Herman again. So, because she has this massive tumor does that mean she was a better doctor? Taking more risks and thinking outside of the box and giving her a more successful edge than her still-not-back-from-the-dead-brother? If the tumor is benign as they said, and it’s not causing her damage (putting her at risk for something like a blood-clot or stroke) or pressing on her optic nerve, etc. Then based on her medical record alone — why bother removing it? Especially when we know that it’s going to change her personality.


Enough about Amelia and Amelia’s tumor. I’m sure that’s going to dominate the next four episodes if not the rest of the season (or until she leaves.) Harper Avery — who was last seen at Grey-Sloan Memorial when it was still Seattle Grace, and was there for major-ish heart surgery — turns up, is a complete tool, and then kicks it. Can’t say I’m impressed with his arrival or departure though it did make for some extremely funny bits with Bailey and with Catherine, so that was nice. And no sign of Teddy. Did she disappear out into the parking lot of no return while we weren’t looking? Maybe she can find lil Bailey and lil Ellis while she’s out there. It was great seeing Zola on tonight’s episode, seeing how awesome and grown-up she’s getting! She does have two other siblings though; I know most people forget about them. They’re living in the parking lot of no return with Sofia, who is never going to get to see her Fetal-Surgeon mommy again. But that’s fine because she’s way too busy getting freaky with DeLuca’s sister (who may or may not be a permanent fixture at Grey-Sloan.) I’m all in favor of Lady Doctor DeLuca, she’s progressive, and totally all about the sexual fabulousness that we as a culture are way too prudish to embrace. Let’s hope she sticks around!

The Jaggie thing is still sort of kind of happening. Still on the same “either do it or don’t” fence as I was last week. None of this in-between nonsense. April needs to go somewhere. Maybe she will rekindle her calling to be over in Iraq and in another week or so when Megan heals up and bumps out, she’ll take Kepner with her. Not sure what that means for poor Harriet, though. Of course if this Jaggie thing does happen, Maggie’s used to a houseful of kids as it is, so having Jackson’s daughter around won’t be the end of the world?

Did I miss something last week or last season? Who is Brody and why do I care? Is she the newest crop of chicks and ducks? She seemed important enough to have a name … at any rate, it looks like we’re ever so slowly getting back on track with the rhythms and cadence of how things happen at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. We had actual patients with names and backstories this week, and that was a nice touch.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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