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Shonda had to do a two-hour season opener because the first episode of this new season of Grey’s Aantomy was rubbish. Though I did like the little throwback to George. That was nice (especially since I’m rewatching the series when I’m at the gym and I just finished Season 2 the other day so that is very fresh.) I also like the foreshadowing (though it’s unlikely) of Christina. We did the exact same thing with Burke a few seasons after his departure – putting his picture in a magazine. So it will be interesting to see if several seasons more down the line Yang resurfaces in person.

Nobody wanted that Megan-Riggs thing, but at least Shonda gave them a choice in the matter and didn’t just kill her off. And apparently we don’t have to worry about it for too long? Abigail Spencer apparently has some other seasonal commitments to a non-GA show. This begs the question … will she resolve things with Nathan and take him with her back to Iraq? Maybe if she does they can take Kepner with them. (I’ll get to that in a minute – but seriously I’m still on team “why didn’t she get taken out with Reed in the Season 6 shooter finale?)

Not sure how I feel about Teddy being back, didn’t much care for her the first time around, and I don’t know that she’s staying long, but already two episodes is too long. The thing that made her character work was all that BS with Henry and the dynamic of her and Christina. Once she and Christina became equals and buddies it lost its value, and once Henry died … so we’ll see. Maybe she – like Stefanie and Eliza – will “ghost” away next episode. Fingers crossed!

I love Love LOVE the fact that Amelia has a tumor! That big? That sudden? Total recall to when she took off the gloves while planting radioactive seeds in Nicole Herman’s brain! FINALLY things that happen don’t just vanish to the parking lot of no return without consequences!

Don’t care about Jo/Alex. I’m over it. He can be the goofy peds guy with or without her, it makes no difference. Bailey was getting her girl power on, okay. And the thing they did with having her and Ben watch the reconstruction and label up the various phases as surgical departments was cute. LOVE that despite Sloan being gone for almost six seasons (yes, he made it into season 9 by the skin of his teeth and then promptly exited stage “circle-the-drain-post-surge”) and the “Plastics Posse” is still a thing!



Webber was hilarious with the morons. That was delightful. Sad but true commentary on what the world is becoming with our device-addiction. But the thing I love most about this was the snarky-bite recall on both Alex and Kepner. Did nobody remember that episode where Lexi and George (obvi in season four or five when George was still alive) raided the medical files and found his essay on testicular cancer and Lexi lost her mind over it screaming, “HE HAS TWO POUCH POTATOES I’VE SEEN THEM! I KNOW!” And all you team Kepner people – remember – she’s been fired. TWICE. And she hit on McDreamy like crazy. Speaking of missing things – I STILL want to know – remember when Lexi stole her diary? That whole bit “nobody can tell you’ve had work done?” Well, we want to know what work. Lexi implied it was a nose job. But … maybe it was something else? I feel like that is something we work back in to get Jackson refocused on her. Or else put her back on a plane with Megan when she goes. Bye, April!

Because I’m over Japril. If Maggie and Jackson are going to do a thing, be a thing, have a thing, then move along with it. Don’t do this back and forth BS with April all along the way. It’s tiresome. Either do the thing or don’t do the thing!!!


DeLuca’s sister is interesting. Nice that Arizona can move on so quickly. Will we get a visit from Sofia? Maybe Callie too? So we’ve hopped from Hispanic/Latin-X to Italian, Arizona doesn’t differentiate. And is anyone worried about Meredith and what’s going to happen now that Riggs is clearly (and we knew this) still in love with her? Since that deleted scene from last season makes us believe maybe she wasn’t all that invested in him to begin with. I completely understand her “one great love” but I think everyone forgets how cruel and awful Derek was to her in the beginning. I mean, going back and re-watching it, you see the emotional manipulation and it’s like, “Ok, you are that dark and twisty to really just take it on.” But we all fell for it, and we all got sucked into it, and most of us – myself included – will never really be over losing Derek. Shonda is the only person who can kill the same character three different times over one series (and she wonders why when he finally died “for real” that the fans were like “nope: Who Shot Jr. Millennial Edition”) and despite all the wrong he did over that time period, was still mourned so deeply and is still being mourned three-and-a-half seasons later. Personally, I never thought the show would carry on without Derek, but here we are three full seasons later and it seems to be doing just fine. (And everyone forgets the trauma dream from the Season 5 opener where they killed Derek in Meredith’s nightmare … and then when she had to watch him flatline and die – arguably causing her miscarriage in the season 6 finale…)

Props to Amelia’s bitter-bitch quote tonight too. “Owen’s sister came back from the dead and my brother didn’t.” Sadly, unless Meredith gets a tumor (although maybe he’ll be a tumor-ghost for Amelia??) I don’t think we’re ever going to see Derek again. Who else have we lost over the years that’s still alive that we care about?

George is dead. Sloan is dead. Lexie is dead. Oooh – doesn’t Meredith still have Molly? That other sister? And Thatcher is still alive somewhere. And Derek has a fourth sister that we’ve never seen. Can’t remember which one she is, though. ADDISON!!! That’s who we need to see a resurgence of! Maybe she can talk some sense into Meredith about this Riggs thing. She did come back at one point after her departure and had to lecture Meredith about not letting Derek go … so maybe she can somehow put some sound advice into Meredith’s head about Riggs. I mean, so far the only bad thing he’s done is screw around on Megan, which she seems ready to forgive if he can just assure her he’s not in love with Meredith. But unlike Derek, he’s never called Meredith a whore, never gotten jealous and blindly abused his authority privileges to keep her out of surgery because she dated the vet while he tried to salvage his sham of a marriage with Addison, and Riggs has never lied about being married. So despite as much as I love Derek and all of his wonderful redeeming things that he did to be a superhero – and his super cute kids – I think Riggs is the way of the future – and maybe he’ll make a good step-dad to Zola, Bailey, and Ellis Jr.

What did you think of the season premiere? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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